Friday, 16 November 2007

Weaning : Part 2

This is a backdated post - see date above.

Week 2 of the first trials went very well.

On Mon, I got her sat down, put on TWO bibs around her neck (one slightly bigger at the bottom and the smaller one on top so that the mess she creates will be filtered and not dirty her top so much!), one hankerchief on her bottom half of the body (incase her wandering hands decides to smear food all on her thighs). She was quite happy and was really looking forward to "mumm mumm" time.

I gave her half a spoonful and she took to it like duck to water - munching and swallowing as though she's been doing this for awhile. Wow! I'm so proud of her, how and when did she learn this in the span of 3 days? Just last week she was not very excited about it. I would soon find out...

Then that night, she kinda coughed at around 4am. I woke up to check on her, and found her asleep... and practicing munching! That was just so funny! So now I know how she practices. This girl just amazes me - I did not noticed her interest at us eating (we sometimes put her sitting near us during dinner).. somehow, she must've learnt quietly.

1. Leaning forward towards the spoon as I scoop her rice cereal.
2. She almost cried everytime I pulled the spoon away from her mouth to scoop for more.
3. Wanting to grab onto the spoon to stuff into her mouth, but in her haste to do so, she stuffed her own fingers instead! ..
4. .. and started to munch on them (the fingers!).
5. Crying for more despite having eaten almost one-third of rice cereal from the VIA Cup (50ml - every drop of it).

Then, when she had her 4th month vaccination and developed a fever, I decided to stop solid for the day until her fever subsided. It subsided the next day and from then, I have been feeding her solid once a day. Somehow, her sleeping schedule also became better and almost returned to "normal" (when she could sleep 6 to 8 hours at stretch - how I miss those days).

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We bought this Braun handblender and I would be making some mashed potato puree next week for her!

Read updates on the weaning series (updated regularly later), as she progresses in this crucial stage.

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