Monday, 5 November 2007

Weaning : Part 1

Weaning means introducing solids to a baby. The NHS and even babycenter recommend that babies be weaned at about 6 months, or if needed to be done before 6 months, to do it not before 4 months.

As Shean Wenn turned 4 months and a week old last week (18 weeks), I did a pre-trial weaning to gauge her reaction to "solids" (or semi-solid, in this case). I used a gluten-free rice cereal mixed with some formula milk and blend into a runny consistency to feed her.

Feeding her the rice cereal

1st TRIAL : Thursday

I gave her a spoonful and she took to it quite happily, not knowing what to expect. Look at where the food ended up!

She's quite happy with it, but look at the mess!!

2nd TRIAL : Saturday

I thought I should try giving her the rice cereal again. This time, she grimaced but still took in half spoonfuls, three times. She spat out most of it, and together with her saliva, made a mess. She still has not learned the art of swallowing her semi-solid, but I know in due time she will... practice makes perfect!

Halfway through the feed, she got distracted by her toes!!

At week 18, I noticed her drooling has increased alot. She still loves sucking on her fingers or thumb (or both) and her drool will smear everywhere!

Read updates on the weaning series (updated regularly later), as she progresses in this crucial stage.


zewt said...

it's not exactly solid still right? semi liquid perhaps?

Anonymous said...

this is hilarious. but she will swallow everything very soon. shen liang did the same at first, but after one week, he even lick the spoon. if we allow him, he will lick cup too. then he gets upset when there's no more.


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