Saturday, 10 November 2007

Daytime activities

"Look ma! I can lift Cotton Tail with BOTH legs!"

How I, a stay-at-home-mom, spend time with my daughter and what I do with her on a daily basis to develop her skills as she goes through her 4th month.


Poring over the pages of "Peepo Baby"

I started reading to her since 1 month old. Of course at that time I read to her lying down on the bed, with her beside me. She likes to look at the words when I point them out as I read them aloud. At 3.5 month old, I read to her sitting up, with her on my lap.


To strengthen her neck muscles

She loves rolling over from back to front, especially during nappy-changing time and this is absolutely frustrating to me. And she does this with ease and with such speed I almost have to roll her over again and again and again just to secure the diaper correctly. Hmmph! Cheeky.


Major milestone in this department. Before she turned 18 weeks, she showed absolutely no major interests in toys. She would bat at the toys on her gym, yes... but shove her a toy at her hands and she'll have no desire to hold on to it to explore further. Her interests at toys were merely batting/shuffling them, and if it makes a noise, she will do it another time and that even.. will not hold her attention for long.

I was a tad worried - will she be a late bloomer in this department?

We decided (by "we", I meant "I" :P) to get a new toy for her - the toy of choice is one of Tobey's favourite. A flutterbug (Butterfly) rattle with foldable wings that makes the rattling sound. I demonstrated to her how to have fun with it! After 2 days, she too found it interesting. Her eyes will lit up when I show her the toy. "Hooray!" My heart did a little summersault in delight seeing that she has finally like playing with toys.

And just the other day, while putting her lying on her back on the bed with her flutterbug a little faraway to reach.. she decided she will rollover to reach it. And she did! (She now rolls over in 2secs, really must keep an eye on her as she loves doing this very often.)

"Nevermind the disshevelled hair, I gotcha, flutterbug!"

Her new favourite bunny - Cotton Tail
Mucking around with Cotton Tail

Again, showing interest in her toy.

DISCOVERY TIME : Now at Week 20, she has discovered her toes... and she is FASCINATED by them and would stare at them at length. She would also flex her toes and tries to touch them (doing an abdominal crunch).

"Touching my toes!"


Squeeling in a high pitch voice is one of her favourite activity too. She sometimes does this during her "me time" that I suspect she is just practicing her squeeling/laughing. How else do you explain a baby sititng by herself and going "Aaaaahhhhhhh..... Kakakakkaa..... Aaaaahhhhhhh.. KAKAKA".. you get my drift... Perhaps a soprano in the making!

But oh! Does she also love squeeling when daddy comes home and play with her. That girl just knows how to tug at Meng's heartstrings. Hubs will be so happy when he sees her laughing and squeeling at all his jokes!! (Little does he know she does that when she is by herself too)


An important part of growing for a newborn baby is getting enough sleep. During sleep or naptime, their brains will be busy developing especially from the things that they have seen and learnt during the day. At 4 months old, Shean Wenn now sleeps 2 or 3 times during the day for half hour to one and a half hour stretches, depending on how tired she is. She sleeps more on the bed during the day than previously (before she turned 4 months old), when she can fall asleep on her rocker/swing. She now demands to be put to sleep on the bed during the day!

The rare occasion she fell alseep on her rocker during the day


cglow said...

wow! this is turning into baby care for dummies site! i'll tune in to your "archives" when i get there. :)

Tsu Lin + + said...


Well, you go work hard. Need any tips? HAHA. See you guys next month. Book your diary.

Tsu Yen said...

Give her a break, she's only 4 months old. Don't stress her out so much, no wonder she's getting bald :P

zewt said...

i wonder what will her reaction be when she is big enough to read this blog...

how i wish my mom did one...

Tsu Lin + + said...

Zewt : I hope this blog will still be around when she can read!

Regarding your mom - she left alot of love and memories.. and knowing that she has brought you up well, I'm sure she will be very happy to know you think of her so much!


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