Saturday, 27 October 2007

Week 18

"In my new dress"

Mon (22 Oct)
This is the second time we have to postpone her fourth month vaccination due to her recovering from her cold. We went to see the GP to get a diagnosis, and he said it is just the common cold. I mentioned to him that she had watery poo the night before and he checked and reassured us that she is not dehydrated.

Her fourth month vaccination involves THREE NEEDLES. Ouch.. Her previous 2 vaccinations involved 2 needles each. So this would be an extra jab onto one of her thighs. Be brave, my little girl! Ok, I should say that to myself instead since I am the one with the phobia of needles. :(

Autumn is here
... and it is not very agreeable to Shean Wenn's skin. Her eczema flares up easily during this very cold and dry weather. I have to diligently moisturise her lest her skin becomes too dry and her eczema will flare up.

But oh, look how pretty she is in her pink dress that I bought! I can now finally dress her up in pretty tights and the little skirt **laughs gleefully**

Drinking Water
I have started her on this new water (drinking) regime - to give her once after her sleep in the day or after her bath. On Wed, Thur and Fri, she did not protest much and drank 2oz each time! I am happy! This was after Mrs Chip-Pea advised me on her method. Good one. I hope it is not just a one-off thing but also hope she will, in time, love drinking water (and not be like me).

What's next?
Since I have a long time more to go before weaning her, I thought I shall not lose out in introducing new things to her. I have started to bring out the Avent Magic Non-Spill cup and letting her try to take sips (by sucking) of water on it. She finds this very unnecessary! She will wriggle her nose in disapproval. So far, I have tried to make her get used to the cup at least and also to encourage her hand-eye-mouth coordination by showing her how to hold the cup and putting it in her mouth. She is learning well. :)

Holding the cup all by herself! Good job, baby!

Today, while on our way to the mall, she finally held the cup with both hands and put it in her mouth. Of course getting her to sip it is another task! I will be trying to teach her that in the next week. **fingers cross* Hopefully she will be able to learn to drink water by herself in no time! Oh! What a hopeful mom, I am.

Look mom! TWO HANDS!

Current obsession : Sucking fingers
Yes, she likes to suck her fingers or thumbs, depending on which one finds it way to her mouth. Sometimes while bottlefeeding her, she will grab hold of my hands, and want to try to hold the bottle. And then her hands will inch its way to the teats and then, her fingers will end up in her mouth instead and she will abandon drinking milk altogether! Hmmm.. really a case of finger-licking good - much tastier than her milk, I guess!
**Muacks muacks!**

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