Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Week 15

She perpetually amazes me by her ability to do "purposeful" actions. I observed her trying to rock herself when I put her on her rocker a few days ago. Have a look :

This means her neck muscles are pretty strong. Hmmm girl, when are you able to sit on your own, then?

She likes to be propped up in this position now. So she can observe more... very nosey little girl!


The hubs came back from Tesco one night with Katie Melua's latest album : Price. An album packed with her usual jazzy goodness, albeit lacks a little variety, me thinks.

"And even when I’m walking straight
I always end up in a perfect circle."

Wonderful lyrics from her song "Perfect Circle"

But judging from Shean Wenn's response, I think Melua's a winner to her. (She smiles when I sing her KAtie Melua's songs)


Last night I cooked this new recipe by Mrs Chip-Pea. DRUNKEN CHILLI PRAWNS. Yumms! Nothing like simple, easy to prepare dinners, these days.


mom2ashley said...

aidan also likes to be put in an upright he can look around !:)

Anonymous said...

ya, same with sl. seems like kids nowadays likes to know what is happening around them. nosey and smart, heh-heh-heh... i am considering buying sl a rocker, looks like sw is having a lot of fun in it all these months.

Tsu Lin said...

mom2ashley : Very inquisitive, aren't they? Happy 5 months old, Aidan. Time flies... :)

siew : Yes, buy that rocker. That was one of the best investments we bought for her. (The 3-in-1 Rocker/Swing/Baby Seat) She enjoys sitting in it *most* of the time.


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