Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Week 14

Taken on 2 Oct

The week 14 ended with Shean Wenn crying for almost two hours before her midnight slumber. It was 11.30pm on Saturday the 29th and when she woke up from her sleep, I changed and fed her. And for 3 weeks now, she will be able to go back to sleep on her own after the midnight feed. But that night, she must be having griping pains as she cried after her feed. At one point, we were so worried and desperate, as I was carrying and cuddling her for almost 2 hours then... we decided to give her 2.5ml of Calpol (for fever and pain relief). She does not have a fever, but it was to help relief her pain. And as soon as she finished taking it, she fell asleep! I looked at the clock and it was already 2am on 30th Sep.

The next day, the 3 of us went to Bluewater to do some shopping. Afterwards, we headed to our favourite chinese restaurant for dinner. I fed her as soon as we arrive in the restaurant. She was happily observing her new surrounding. But just before they serve us the main course, Shean Wenn started crying... she cried for almost 45minutes and the hubs and I had to take turns carrying her and having our dinner. There was one point where she was crying SO LOUD, the WHOLE restaurant turned to look at this small little baby who was creating so much noise. Both the hubs and I weren't perturbed by the onlookers and just carried on trying to soothe her. Poor girl, she must be having griping pain, come to think of it. We finished our dinner and headed back.
Shean Wenn and mommy before she started crying in the packed restaurant.

Some observations of her at week 14 (3 months and 1 week old).

As advised by the NHS, breastfed babies do not need to drink water. But I supplement her feed with 1 formula. So I believe she does need to drink water. Have been trying to inculcate her to drinking water but here is how the exercise will go : Put lukewarm water into her mouth. She spits out. She turns her head in disgust when I try again to feed her using the bottle. I persist, she persists... this goes on till she decided that she is not winning. So, she "pretends" to drink.. her mouth looks as though she is drinking, but she is actually not! That girl is a cheeky fellow. And when she thinks I am not watching, she spits some out and it drips onto her bib/shirt which makes me even more annoyed (as I have to change her and wash the shirt!). Lately, when I persist even more, she will even "choke" on her drink, and not before she grimaces as though I am making her drink something undrinkable! It is both very funny and cheeky of her! In the end, I give up... and I looked at the bottle and see my effort, all 10ml of it (half of it probably went to her shirt)! She is such a cheeky monkey when it comes to drinking water. I do not have a photo to show as usually I let her drink during the day when the hubs is at work.

I always believe that babies do have a vocabulary that they understand (and not us adults) as I noticed Shean Wenn will use some words consistently. This week, she has added more to her vocab and she also delights us by babbling alot more during the day (and night).

Since the paediatric dermatologist that we go to advises us to moisturise her as much as we can (due to her eczema), I will usually put on for her everytime during nappy-changing time. She will grimace when I put them on her face. She does not seem to like her face being massaged. (I have to massage the lotion onto her skin, apparently, it is more effective that way)

Now that my eczema has cleared up, I look so much prettier, no?

When we put her infront of the mirror, she loves seeing her reflection! She will smile at the reflection, and at times, even laughed at/with it! Occasionally, she will smile and coyly look away or bury her face on my shoulder... before turning to have a side glance at the reflection again. I guess she likes looking at what she is seeing. :) Sometimes when she is crying, we will bring her to the mirror and she will immediately stop crying and start to smile. Many a times, she will also speak very softly to "the other baby".
"Hello! Aren't you a beauty!" Shean Wenn must be telling herself as she smiles at her reflection.


Leon Jackson said...

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Anonymous said...

i like the drinking water bit. very funny. sl does that sometimes. but he has recently learn to like water, ONLY when he is in the mood.


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