Friday, 12 October 2007

Baby Tobey came to visit

Yesterday, the chip-pea family came to visit us in London!

The night before, Shean Wenn was briefed by her daddy about her new friend who will be coming to visit. She listened attentively and made no fuss about it.

But when the Chip-Pea family consisting of daddy chip-pea, mommy chip-pea and baby chip-pea (aka baby Tobey) came over to our house at lunch time.. she almost greeted Tobey with a cry. Of course, this is the first time she is meeting another baby so up close and personal, besides the "other baby" at the mirror. I quickly soothed her and she was calmed down in no time. Tobey did not cry at all, he just looked at Shean Wenn quizzically. He has met many babies up close and is not shy to strangers. He quickly took to us quite easily.

Despite attempts to introduce the two babies, they continue to ignore each other most of the time. Here is what transpired :

Tobey : Hmmmm, what is this thing over here? It looks so soft and fluffy... Maybe I should touch it to feel what it's like!
SW : Oooh, my toys my toys! Is mummy gonna let me play with them?

Tobey : Okay, it IS soft! I like.... I should ask daddy to get one just like this at home. I wonder if it's nice to lay on it?
SW : Hmmmmm.... what is Tobey doing? You think he will wanna lie on the cushion?

Tobey : Ahhhh!!! SO SOFT!
SW : Ahhh.... so soft!

Most of the time, Shean Wenn was well behaved and was a very good host. She sat quietly on her baby chair and chatted with us about her day (while we were having lunch). She even let Tobey sit on her rocker.. for a brief moment. Tobey decided that he would be able to see more if he's sitting up right on the sofa, or on mommy, daddy or my arms! He is very inquisitive.

And look at what mommy chip-pea bought for Shean Wenn - 2 packs of flasshcards. Which are very useful and educational for teaching Shean Wenn to identify colours and objects. I have started to show her the different colours. So far, she just stares at them intently. I wonder if she is registering what I am saying. Hopefully in another few months, she will be able to point out or pick out the right card when I ask her to. We will see.

Thanks Mrs Chip Pea for the flashcards!

Mrs Chip-Pea wrote about it here.


Praveen said...

Great commentary! The babies look puzzled.

Carrot said...

too cute!!


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