Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Week 12 and 13

(This is a backdated post)

This week's progress :

** Edit: She now sleeps through the night. For 6 hours or 7 hours at stretch.**

She now sleeps longer at night, but stays awake longer during the evenings as well. Before this, she will sleep 7pm - 11pm/12am, then feed and sleep from 12-1am to 4/5am for another feed. Hence a total of TWO feeds.

Starting from week 12, she stays awake during the evening till 9pm, then after her feed, sleeps for 6 hours. A few nights, she slept from 11pm till 5am or 6am. Hence a total of ONE feed.

We bought a bolster aiming to help her sleep. The truth is, it is too big for her. But it is helpful at times when she is really tired - I turn her to her side and put her arms on the bolster. In 2 minutes, she falls asleep. I then remove the bolster as her arms are too small to wrap around it fully and it (the bolster) has no use after that.

Assisted sleep with a bolster

More "purposeful" (phrasing from chip-pea), but to me, it also shows that she knows the cause and effect of her actions.

For example : she knows that by using her hands to hit the arch hanging over her baby seat, the toys will move, and THAT will entertain her! So, she hits it over and over, and laughs joyfully! I am most impressed by this observation.

Hitting the arch to shake the toys!

Another example : when putting the toy piano infront of her legs, she knows that when she kicks them, the piano will play a tune. When the tune stops, she will instinctively kick it again so it plays another tune. She sure loves listening to music and at times kick so rapidly! (Ouch for me)

Playing with her toy piano. She can kick it and enjoy the music.

She has found her fingers fascinating! She started to stare at them (at around week 11) and is exploring their use on her hands. But due to her eczema, I have put on mittens for her starting Week 12, with some "time out" (for the fingers) a few minutes a few times a day.

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mom2ashley said...

aww...poor gal..she has eczema?
it's really funny when they discover their fingers eh? Aidan shoves a few fingers into his mouth and souck on them all the time!


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