Sunday, 9 September 2007

Week 11 MILESTONE (3 - 9 Sep)

Grandma left for Bkk on 2 Sep and both of us are missing her! But as soon as grandma left... Shean Wenn achieved a BIG MILESTONE. She can rollover now (well, sort of, see "Technical Info" below).

I first noticed it on 2 Sep itself.. I couldn't believe it and thought, perhaps I gave her a "lending hand" - ie, unintentionally or unknowingly giving her a soft push. The next day, I witnessed it again. Infact, twice in a day! I would put her down on our bed, and she'd turn to her right side, and start her attempt to rollover. She doesn't always get it right. She would push herself forward with a strong kick with her legs, and arch her back (curving like a crescent moon) with her head turning and facing out. Usually, this is accompanied by cries of anguish or sheer determination. I would allow her to "practice" for as long as she wants, unless her cries become too long. I do not want to immediately cuddle her whenever she cries as I do not want her to give up. I would like to cultivate her to persist, and persist till she succeeds! (Unless she cries for too long)

I still did not believe it. So on Wednesday, after putting her down on the bed on her back and making sure that she is safe, I went into the kitchen to grab something to eat. While in the kitchen, I heard a soft cry, the kind of cry of like someone is trying hard to push something. I went into the bedroom and lo and behold! My little 2.25 month old baby is on her tummy! I was beaming with pride!! The little Shean Wenn, of course is crying in sheer determination as she got her right hand tucked under her body and was trying to free it. I laughed and watched her as she rolled on her tummy from side-to-side trying to free the right hand. It is comical! Of course she didn't think so and after letting her cry out for a minute, I decided to lift her up and cuddle her. I whispered in her ears how proud I am of her. "My little girl has really done well", I told her, while trying to sooth her.

These days, she would be hard at practice most of the time whenever she is left on her back on the bed. She even tried rolling over in her cot, but due to space constraint, she could not achieve this feat yet. Her turning ratio is rather big (ok, getting technical again). Haha.

Technical info :
The rolling over is only successful while she is on "softer" ground, ie the mattress of our bed. When I put her on the floor, she has not shown me that she can rollover. This is most likely due to the inertia she can gain with the spring on the mattress. No matter! I am still proud of her for achieving this milestone this early, even if it's only on the mattress. I will see if she will successfully roll over on the floor anytime soon and then I can proudly claim that she has managed to master this skill. :)

Stats :
Weight : 4.75kg
Length : 57cm


Leon Jackson said...

Ahh, those little increments of progress. Before you know it she will be a toddler, destroying things in your house. :)

Carrot said...

awww congrats, congrats!

chip-pea said...

She's achieving milestone of a 4 months + baby. Congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

congrats!!!! thtat's really fast!!!


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