Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Time for a change....

For 2 years, this blog has been known as SUNBABIES - A nick I used since college, penned by a dear friend Alicia - one third of The Jacksons.

Today deemed appropriate that it should be known as tsulin plus plus, complemented by a change of skin as well. Today also coincides with my little darling turning 3 months and a day old.

"This is how you hug me", Shean Wenn shows.

You must agree she looks fab in pink, no? The bunny top is among the many many beautiful gifts from SIL, Daphne. I - Uh, i mean Shean Wenn - love it! During her eczema episode, we have decided to get her mittens to avoid her from scratching her face.

Of course, I'm constantly trying to improve the layout. Have not figured out how to insert the lilypie ticker. Praveen, any hints? Yes, it's a coincidence my title here is similar to your latest entry!


Praveen said...

Nice! I've been thinking of skinning my blog too, but you beat me to it!

Will email you separately on the ticker Q.

Cheers to Tsulin++! Hope it becomes a programming language some day.

Anonymous said...

love the new look of your blog
and happy 3 months to the lil bunny


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