Sunday, 23 September 2007

Sports in general..

Yesterday, I discovered Samoa's Siva Tau, a version of the All Black's Haka. After what seems to be "the match of the games" (Springboks vs Tonga), I sat myself down, with baby near me to watch this. The game, as expected was won by England. Shean Wenn seems more excited than I was, laughing along as the Samoans did the Siva Tau. She slapped her thighs and shook her head in laughter! What a golden moment... if only I had fingers as fast as the English scored their tries in the England-Samoa game.

There's a cool video of the All Black's Haka vs Tonga's Cipi Tao. Watch it here.

We all know who will win the Cup! I did not even bother watching their game this afternoon. I have some interests in Rugby, I believe I have some passion in it (especially watching the All Blacks), and while I may not know still, the difference between Rugby Union and Rubgy League.. at least I am not as clueless as when it comes to cricket or tennis. But as with most sports, I believe my passion has its limit.

That is, unless I was born in the 60's.. then I would most certainly be cheering for the Malaysian Football team of the late 60's/early 70's. I found yesterday, much to my joy, an article on the team on Wikipedia. I told my uncle whom I was chatting online "Hey, your name got mentioned in an entry on Wikipedia about the M'sian Football team who went to the Olympics". He said the article has a slight mistake. Sau Chi Keung (gk) and Santokh Singh were not in the line-up for the 1972 Summer Olympics. I am proud of him. Gone are the days where they played for passion - a truly M'sian Football "Dream Team". The wikipedia entry is found here.

Shean Wenn's own version of her favourite sports : Freestyle swimming.
This is how you do it, mom!

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