Thursday, 23 August 2007

Week 6

Shean Wenn enjoying playtime in her cot

Stats :
Weighs 4.0kg
The week
I made an appointment to see the GP for her 6 week check up and also to check on some rashes on her face. When we went in to see the GP, he says she is only 5 Week + 1 day (hence Week 6, but not 6-Week) and if he checks on her now, it's not very accurate. Fine, so I told him we can reschedule to come back the next week. I then showed him the rashes on Shean Wenn's face. Initially, I thought like me, she was intolerant to the lactose in the formula we are feeding her and hence, was developing these symptoms. Asking me if she is having normal poo ("Yes"), the GP diagnosed that the rashes on her face were not due to lactose-intolerance but due to fungal infection. We need to only keep her face dry and apply the hydrocortisone cream that he'll prescribe. I was relieved!

Shean Wenn's rash on her face. Poor baby girl!
After 3 days of application, we noticed a marked improvement on her face.

* EDIT * : Please check this blog post about The different types of rashes. (I also wrote about some useful info on rashes)

This week was another good week of going out with baby (and parents-in-law). One day, we headed to lakeside and she sat contentedly in her stroller, except for the part where we were shopping and she felt too warm. Her carseat is a tad warm/hot. We took her out and carried her for abit instead and she was happy again! Later, I went to explore the baby care centre in the mall and I must say they really provide the most comfortable area for parents with young infants and babies. In this care centre, you have about 6 changing tables, 4 bottle warmers, a well done-up breastfeeding corner , a parent&child toilet, a big area for feeding or sitting and a nice area for toddlers to play around, with toys. It is also quite clean. :)

So while I fed baby, the FIL & MIL went shopping on their own. They had a very eventful day shopping, I must say!! Just before leaving, I popped into Zara and found a nice piece of top. When I went to pay, the price was discounted even more. What a steal! I love sales..

The journey back was horrendous though. The usually 25mins ride back turned out to be 2-hour long due to a very bad accident on the A13. I even had to feed baby in the car and burp her - a difficult task seeing she needs to be strapped safely in her car seat (Road safety regulations). We made do :P


Praveen said...

Lovely photo!

Anonymous said...

Shean Wenn is looking great!

cglow said...

she looks sharp!


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