Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Week 5

Shean Wenn's milestones this week:
* Coos - can respond when you talk or sing to her.
* Hits at toys when you put it near her.
* Enjoys listening to music (I usually sing to her).
* When I sing to her, she enjoys it when I make movements with her hands (and mine)
* Still gets frustrated when she cannot latch on properly at times and shows it by grunting and shaking her head in frustration.
* Will smile when you "baby talk" to her.
* Can lift her head for longer when put on her tummy, a sign that ner neck muscles are getting stronger.
* Still has not learn the "fine art" of thumb-sucking yet (She sometimes tries to suck on her thumb but ends up with her whole fist in her mouth and gets frustrated!)

Caught in the act! (Week 3) Noticed her rashes on her face getting better?

Stats :
Weighs 3.9kg

The week
Week 5 was the week I ventured out with Shean Wenn. Ventured out meaning bringing her out in her stroller. The first day we ventured out, it was with MIL & FIL at the nearby retail park. We left the house after lunch and made sure tht she was well fed. We packed the diaper bag and load her into her little "capsule" (car seat). The drive there takes less than 5mins and we got out and FIL & I then struggled to open up the brand new stroller! It was certainly was an exerise both mentally & physically for me.. But we finally got it up & working.

Shean Wenn in her "capsule"

We then went shopping! I even managed to shop for shoes and some clothes. Bravo for me! Shean Wenn, on the other hand, was also a happy camper - blissfully sleeping in her stroller. She did wake up a few times and cried but we just gave her the dummy (pacifier) and she went back to sleep.

It was truly a big stepping stone for us (Shean Wenn and I). I never thought I could handle her outside. But I also have MIL & FIL to thank, for they kinda guided me on what to do when I am out with baby.

Now (week 6), going out is getting easier with her although I don't know if I'll be able to physically handle her if I go out with her alone in the future. Her car seat itself weighs like a tonne to me, not to mention my bad back will not be able to handle all this. Well, I'll cross the bridge when I come to it!
A happy mom with her new shoes she found!


mom2ashley said...

week 5 already????'s nice to shop for our own stuff after pregnancy yea....alas! we can start wearing non-preggy clothes!

Tsu Lin + + said...

Yes, mom2ashley! Nice to go shopping for own stuff... and for me it was really nice to just GO OUT (to anywhere). :)


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