Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Sun after full moon : and a long needed haircut!

Shean Wenn & I having a good time at aunt Alicia's pad!

On Sun, a day after Shean Wenn's full moon, we spent the day at SIL Alicia's pad in the city. Meng dropped the FIL, MIL, baby & I at her place late morning before going to the office for some work. I've also asked SIL to schedule a much needed hair appointment at her usual stylist's place (which was conveniently located just outside her apartment place).

When we arrived, we spent some time chatting and Alicia brought out chocolates she got from New York. All the yummies I cannot resist! Here's one of Reese's peanut butter (which reminds me of Mavis - I was thinking abt you when I was eating it!) minicups. It was WAY too sweet for me :P She also let me sample some green tea ones which was my favourite of the lot. Needless to say, I helped her finish her bar of that green tea chocolate. It was only a small bar (I need to declare this incase mum is reading this. I AM controlling my glucose, don't worry). Afterwards, Shean Wenn decided that she was hungry so it was time to feed her. The 3 of them - FIL, MIL and Alicia then went off to a Farmer's Market nearby.

Lunch was a lovely affair at a Chinese Restaurant nearby, and this's when and where I discovered the yummiest pau - apparently it's a new "cuisine" (Is it entitled to be called a cuisine?) in Hong Kong - inside it is a mix of custard and salted egg-yolk. The combination of sweet & salty is just right and lovely. You gotta eat it to believe it. It was like tasting heaven (almost). :) I had 3 paus! Thanks Alicia for the lunch! Shean Wenn, on the other hand, full from her feed, slept through the whole affair.

Next i went for my hair appointment and Alicia's stylist didn't disappoint. I came back with a shorter, newly cropped hair although I lost all my perm. Then, I dropped by the apartment before heading out to meet Alicia & FIL in Oxford St. We shopped for an hour (before closing time) at Debenhams buying loads of TOYS! FIL & SIL bought alot of toys for Marwin, Shean Wenn's cousin. I hope they can carry all those toys to Thailand. FIL got Marwin a cool Thomas & Friends Train set. We also bought alot of toys for Shean Wenn - mostly suitable for her when she's slightly older. Debenhams was having sale (so is everywhere) and the toys were mostly half price, what a good deal. (For the record, Fisher Price prices here in UK are double that in the US!)

My new hairstyle

Meng joined us for dinner where we had lobster fried noodles. The lobsters being bought at the farmer's market at a steal - all because the farmer couldn't do his math properly (He charged them 2 lobsters for the price of 1). The lobster noodle was also complemented by MIL's home-cooked chicken rice. I was a happy mamma stuffing myself! (And don't forget the chocolates I had earlier)

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