Saturday, 11 August 2007

Rainbow in the sky...

"MY heart leaps up when I behold
A rainbow in the sky"
- William Wordsworth

Picture taken on 5 Sep Aug, just before going out for dinner with friends

Shean Wenn's in a very good mood this morning.

I put her down on the sofa bed, with her toys next to her - she gurgled to herself "Goo.. Anggoo.. Whooosh.. Googe", she smiled at the toys, waved and touched them, she also listened intentively to Bach & Mozart while daydreaming (of milk & sheep?) .. for a full 20 minutes!

Then, she cried out for me, only just awhile. I finished up my breakfast (waffles today) and went to her - I spoke to her, telling her daddy will be buying her a playgym soon, .. and a rocker. She smiled. I sang to her and made silly gestures - she was entertained! She laughed and smiled, kicked her legs up in excitement and gurgled more.

I even tried to clear her nose. She didn't fuss - just moved her head in annoyance. She even smiled at me after I finished. How charming!

Then she decided she's tired from all the activities and cried to want to sleep. I cuddled her in my arms whispering to her to sleep - and she did, in less than 5 minutes. She dozed off while I'm yapping about "be a good girl and sleep by your own, darling".

This is a good morning. Maybe I should buy Lotto this evening. :)

6-Week Stats
Weighs 4.24kg
Length 53cm
Head Circumference 36.5cm

ps: Thanks Tsu Yen, for pointing out the confusion in months. Geez.. Taking care of a baby really is hardwork, so much so that I get my months mixed up!

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Tsu Yen said...

Picture taken on 5 Sep? But its only August now!


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