Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Exercise Regime

I did this scrapbook some time back and didn't have time to post. Here it is :

(Credits will have to wait)

Ahhh.. and at the end of a very very tiring exercise session, Shean Wenn is elated with playing with her toys!

(Ok, so I don't really let her play with soft toys yet, nor does she know how to appreciate them. But the picture looks nice!)


Anonymous said...

she's absolutely adorable. love her eyes!

Leon Jackson said...

Very cute! I miss my son being this age - so Alicia says, "lets have another one" and I say "I dont miss him being that age, that much!". :)

*sooyin* said...

oooo...sooo cute! me wanna hug!!

mom2ashley said...

aww she looks so cute next to the bunny..

Lilian said...

Ooooh, she looks really pretty here! Cute cute cute :)


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