Friday, 6 July 2007

Post Natal : Day 12

Lilies from Sis-In-Law Alicia

Who would have imagined the stress of post natal (ie with a screaming baby who needs your constant attention) can help me lose almost all my pregnancy weight? I gained about 10kgs during pregnancy and lost about 9kgs in less than 2 weeks. I guess the other 1kg is some water retention and my still-flabby tummy (looks like I'm 2 mths preggy).

And to be fair, I wasn't all stressed out, having help from my MIL who does most of the stuff around the house : including cooking, doing the laundry, burping baby, cradling her during the wee hours of the morning, bottle-feeding her, the list is endless. And yet, I am still somewhat dazed over this new role as a "Mother". It is indeed an upgrade and a title not easy to carry.

After 12 days with a new baby, life has been bittersweet : it is inevitable that I feel the "baby blues" but sometimes I feel utter joy just gazing at her. I guess it's a phase most people go through, especially new mothers. I'm sure this too will pass. I just can't wait till Baby turns 1 month.

This Mon will be day 15 and that's the day I'm gonna wash my hair. Alas! I am doing the confinement thingy .. just because I believe in it (but I practice in moderation). My MIL has been cooking me a variety of yummy confinement food - pork leg in vinegar, chicken cooked in Stone's ginger wine, ginger fried rice, etc. (Which reminds me, I need to ask her for some of the recipes!)

12 days with baby:
She now sleeps slightly longer(spoke too soon) wakes up every hour or 2, although it still depends on her mood and of course, her tummy.

She has a cheeky habit of peeing AFTER we have cleaned her and just before changing a new nappy. So sometimes the unfortunate victims will be either me or her grandma. Her grandma got pee-d on twice while bathing her, that cheeky girl!

She also has a tendency of screaming her lungs out everytime we try to change her nappy. And mind you, those are not crocodile tears, those are actual tears. It's puzzling why she does that. Maybe it's cold. So, the trick now is we let her latch onto a dummy (that's a pacifier) while chnaging her to help soothe her. It helps! Of course we only give her the dummy during nappy-changing time and not for normal use. I have this thing against giving a baby the pacifier - perhaps from my parent's practice of not using it on us (My dad thinks it gives us colic/wind); Or perhaps I just tend not to like the idea of having a "comfort" object for my child. Yes, it's true, comfort should really come from within (I remember reading this from Karen Cheng's blog too).

She can now trace objects with her eyes, although not everytime. During "playtime", sometimes we will put a finger infront of her and wave it from left to right, or right to left and see if her eyes will follow it. If it catches her attention, she will look at the finger. Once when hubs was talking to her and he walked to the other sid eof the room, her head and eyes followed him. We were pretty impressed!

She also likes to lift her head - a sign tht she is practicing her neck muscles. :) Sometimes, this can get tiresome for me as she tends to wiggle her body when I try to burp her after a feed. Grandma suggested to put her lay on her stomach one day and see if she lifts her head. Well, she did try but she lifted her legs and butt most of the time.. and ended up crying after a few attempts.

She snores - like me and her dad! Well, can't blame her, it's all in the genes, no?

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mom2ashley said...

lucky you ..i gained almost 20kg!..i got 10kg more to go!


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