Tuesday, 17 July 2007


Baby Shean Wenn seems to be creasing her browse in deep thoughts here :

Hmmmmmm... what should I do later? Sleep, drink more milk, entertain these adults (that's hard work, yo!)... or poo? Tough life as a baby!

Later, she seems to choose to CRY first, before falling asleep - being cradled and swung comfortably to sleep by grandma/mom/dad, usually!

On another unrelated note : My mom's on FACEBOOK! How unusual is that? She is really embracing the IT wave - especially if Facebook will invade other territories soon enough.


mom2ashley said...

that's a really cute picture!!

Carrot said...

sooo cute!!!
and whoa, hats off to your mum!!

*sooyin* said...

eee....soooo cute, i wanna hug her!


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