Thursday, 12 July 2007

It's official!

On 2 July, we went to register the birth (and name) of baby Wong.

She is now Wong Shean Wenn (pronounced as "SHIEN WEN") - 王善雯

(Shan4) meaning kind and virtuous.
(Wen2) meaning colourful clouds.

We decided not to give her any "English name".


mom2ashley said...

that's a very nice name :)

Praveen said...

Congratulations! Hello Shean Wenn!

Carrot said...

nice name!

zewt said...

no english name? why not? :)

Tsu Lin + + said...

mom2ashley, Praveen & carrot : Thanks!

zewt : That's because hubs insist on not having one, despite living in a western country. PLUS, both of us (and more ppl we know) didn't have any (english names).. and we're still cool! :P


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