Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Full Moon : 21 Jul 2007

Clockwise from bottom-left : Shean Wenn adorned in her full moon gifts of gold chains; Hubs & friends pealing the Full Moon red eggs; FIL & SIL Alicia; Full Moon red egg.

We celebrated Shean Wenn's full moon with a yum-cha (dim sum) lunch at a local restaurant on Saturday. Lunch was at 1pm and we managed to get Shean Wenn bathed and prepped up by 12.30 despite her fierce protest. (We had to wake her up from her morning beauty slumber after her 9am feed) She was very well behaved the whole time in the restaurant, choosing to sleep amongst the festivity (people chatting loudly and having a few "che ches" admiring her). She only woke up for her mid-day feed, but quietly drinking and being burped by her grandma! I wish she is like this everyday! :)

After our dim sum (or yum-cha to Australians), we distributed the red-eggs to our guests - the red eggs are a symbol of longevity.

After that, we went back and just in time as well- it started to rain after we arrived home. Phew! (And what a wet summer this has been)


mom2ashley said...

one month already???? so fast yea!

Anonymous said...

Happy full moon to baby Shean Wenn!

Carrot said...

ditto what mom2ashley said!


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