Thursday, 19 July 2007


Wonder what is Shean Wenn dreaming about?

Today after feeding and burping Shean Wenn, she fell asleep in my arms. I put her down next to me on the bed and fell asleep next to her.

In the short time we were sleeping, I dreamt : I dreamt I was in Egypt visiting the pyramids and sphinx. I don't know what triggered it (the dream).. But I always had a fascination for Egypt and Egyptology since I was 16. I would pore over books and materials on Egypt, the Sphinx and anything related to Egypt. That was 13 years ago, eh?

I was so fascinated by Egypt that I even wanted to study archaelogy - an ambition that my mother was not very supportive of: "You wanna dig ground for a living?" Was what she thought an archaelogist does.

That was my dream.


Anonymous said...

only a few things come to mind when you mention egypt.

pyramids, sphinx, a lot of sand, cleopatra, sexy ladies in waiting, half naked men, papyrus, mesopotamia (is it egypt?)

nothing else, clueless.

vagus said...



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