Thursday, 28 June 2007

Preview of our "Little Mungbean"!

Yes, the little one finally arrived on a rainy early morning on 24 June 2007.

Thus far, we have yet to decide on a name for her.

Baby's vital statistics

Date of birth : 24 June 2007
Weight : 2.97 2.95kg
Head circumference : 33cm
Apgar Score :
1min : 9 5min : 10 10min :10

Her birth story / my labour experience was a long and traumatic one (for me, that is). More on this in my next post.


mom2ashley said...

hey! congrats on the new arrival! have fun with the lil one..they are so tiny only for awhile....

Carrot said...

congrats tsu lin :)

zewt said...

hey! lovely child you have there... you know what... your baby as the same birthdate as me... may he grows up to be as charming and intelligent as me... :P ... or even better! haha!

thanks for dropping by my blog.

Tsu Lin said...

mom2ashley & carrot : Thanks :)

Zewt : AH HEM! Wow, now I know 3 people born in June. Oh, and happy belated b'day. :)

Stefan Forge said...

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