Thursday, 24 May 2007

Waddling at 35 Weeks

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Last Mon an old friend Sanny came to London for a visit. Actually, she's just stopping by London on her way back to Holland from a long weekend visit to her husband's cousin's place over in Bath.

We decided to meet up in the city since it's only a bus ride away from my appointment in the morning. We decided to meet up near Oxford St and i thought of making our way to try out the new jap restaurant that took over my favourite jap place (their lease expired so now there is a new owner). This new place doesn't seem to be opened most of the time (Hubs & I wanted to try it out during one of the weekends and they were closed)... And i thought of just walking to the other jap place nearby - Sakura.

Sakura is such a crap place! First of all, they told us that they don't serve Sashimi & Sushi anymore (maybe cos we were there at 3pm). Fine, then when the manager came to sit us, we requested to sit at the back of the restaurant as there were people smoking near us at the tables infront. He had the cheek to say this to us "Sorry, that section is closed. I know of your condition (ie pregnant), but if you don't like it, you can walk out & go to another place." I would have walked out if I wasn't quite hungry. Anyway, Japanese are known to be top notch in their service! That man has obviously been in Britain for too long (although his English is passable). Anyway, the last straw was when the waitress came to take our orders and said that it was their policy to take orders of main dish for every patron on the table. Sanny & hubby was still full from their lunch just an hour ago. We took our coats and walked out of there. Snob restaurants do not deserve anyone's patronage...

We settled into a cafe instead and chatted away for 2 hours... then bade our goodbyes and went our separate ways. I did some window shopping along Oxford St, walking into Gap and looking at the 2 toys I'm most likely to get for the baby later - a monkey & a dog soft toy - both of which makes a sound when you squeeze them! Too cute!

Edit : I don't believe in getting too many soft toys for babies, but I do believe in "educational" toys, toys that will excite a baby's 5 senses.


Praveen said...

Wow, terrible customer service, huh? OK, looks like I'm gonna have to start shopping for baby toys soon -- can't wait! =)

Tsu Lin + + said...

:) Thanks uncle Praveen - I have a list of very "educational" and interesting toys if you are having trouble finding something :P

mom2ashley said...

yea you are right! what a crappy restaurant!

Lilian said...

And don't you think the supervisors there look like Yakuzas in their black/white suits and stern demeanours.

Yep, don't like going there either, but again, hubby's and older son's favourite Japanese place. The pork shogayaki and tempura's good, but I don't like the sashimi/sushi there.

When I needed my dose of sashimi/sushi, I'll pop over to Sushi-Hiro right across Ealing Common station. Fresh fresh fresh! And great value for money.


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