Friday, 11 May 2007

From Oxford to Oxford St...

Last Thur was Eil's last day staying at our place, and since the hubs has some "team bonding" activity going on during dinner and will be home late, I thought I'd go gallavanting around town with Eil - do some spot of shopping/window shopping and maybe go to a park!

First, she needs to get rid of her luggage (moving form my place over to another friend's place in Notting Hill/Bayswater area), so we made our way there. Our experience commuting in the Underground as a one pregnant lady and one petite lady lugging around a huge luggage didn't even bat any lashes. NO ONE gave up their seats for me, NO ONE volunteered to help Eil carried her luggage when we were standing at a bottom of a flight of steps. LONDONERS!

Anyway, after depositing the luggage safely at her friend's place, we headed for some roast duck around the corner. The "famous" roast duck - I told her i want to try out the new place (apparently the chef moved from one shop to the other shop a few doors down the road). We had a hearty meal - half a duck and a plate of veges. Eil decided that she couldn't finish the duck so I happily devoured the whole dish. Of course, my tummy by then felt like it will burst due to the amount of food I was consuming :)

After a very satisfying meal, we headed for Harrods. Every new tourist MUST visit this place, no? We did window shopping here mostly. We headed to the LV counter to check out their collection as Eil will be going to Paris for a few days with her hubby and LV is cheaper there. Oooh, such eye candies!

We then went around taking photos (illegally) around Harrods. Not noticing that there was a sign at their Egyptian Stairs that forbids photography. Well, too bad, we noticed it AFTER we took the photos.

Window display at Harrods

After spending a good amount of time in Harrods, we left empty handed.
Since the day wasn't sunny, we decided to do just indoor shopping and skip the park sight-seeing activity. Eil wanted to go to the new Primark in Oxford St again. So i obliged her and went along (I needed some tunic tops as well).

Gaah! It was madness in Primark - for clothes this cheap, it's no wonder. People everywhere, clothes strewn everywhere and the Primark sales assistants scrambling to put back every clothes that is strewn after each customer's browsing through them. The queue for the cashier till was l-o-n-g, so is the one for their changing room. Eil was excited again, and filled her basket up quickly! I browsed and chose some items and happy with them, I told her I have to go home (my legs at this point were almost giving up!). We hugged and said our goodbyes, with me wishing her a happy tour of Europe (with her hubby).

After a day of walking, the swelling on my feet

Went back and had dinner.. and rested after a rather interesting, fun-filled but tiring day out!


mom2ashley said...

your legs dont look swollen though

love those shoes

Tsu Lin + + said...

mom2ashley : Maybe i didn't know how to take it at the right angle, but believe you me, the few days after that it swelled up to the size of an elephant's legs.
Then, miraculously, these 2 days, the oedema suddenly stopped and I have my normal pre-pregnancy feet back again. I was so happy i took photos of it, just to remind me incase it goes into water-retention mode again :(


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