Friday, 25 May 2007

Friday, friday...

Joy, originally uploaded by tearoom.

Don't you just love fridays? More so if you are a working class... :)

I just had a session with the diebetologist (didn't even know such an occupation exists!) this am and looking at my Glucose Monitoring diary, she gave me the all clear and assured that I DO NOT need insulin injection - phew! What a relief. The high readings that I get once in awhile was due to dietary reasons (once I had dessert after dinner and the reading rocketted to 9.0).

And I'm just so totally absorbed in doing my digital scrapping! I've been warned by Mom2Ashley that it is addictive... :) It definitely is. Somehow though, I take about a day or more to complete a scrap. (Going at a snail pace)

Have a good weekend! It's a long weekend here, hopefully can persuade the hubs to bring me to the park. He hesistates due to the high pollen count these days. But I tell him it's good for the baby too! Hopefully that will sway his decision. :P


mom2ashley said...

awww..see? scrapping is addictive eh? heheheh..anyways..have a good weekend!

zewt said...

yeah, fridays are most precious... particular for slaves like us....

thanks for droppin by my blog... and thanks for commenting... truly appreciate it.

Tsu Lin + + said...

mom2ashley - Enjoy your time with your new baby :)

zewt - Do drop by more often!


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