Monday, 30 April 2007

The Wicked

Radcliffe Camera taken from the cafe of St Mary the Virgin Church, Oxford

The past weekend has been hectic! My friend Eil is on holiday in London and is staying over at our place for a week. On Sunday, hubs and I brought her to Oxford for some sightseeing. The picture above was taken while hubs & I were chilling out at the cafe while waiting for Eil to do her climb up 150-odd stairs of the church - for a breathtaking vantage point of Oxford.

Today, I have told her I wouldn't be able to entertain her much as I have my antenatal appointment at the hospital.. but somehow, through our conversations, we decided that perhaps we might want to catch up after my appointment in the afternoon for a musical in the evening. We played it by ear but still did some research on what shows to watch - Chicago and The Wicked were our shortlisted titles and her task of the day was to go get our tickets. After having lunch with her friends, she proceeded to get the tickets.. we decided on "The Wicked" after much contemplation.

Stage of "The Wicked" (during interval), Apollo Victoria Theatre

I met her and her friend for some tea in a cafe in Shaftesbury Ave, where I had my lunch at 4pm - sandwich and peppermint tea! Then, Karen (another friend of Eil's) came over after work and we headed for dinner at a nearby SPanish restaurant. I still managed to eat a healthy portion (read : good size) of tapas and paella (altho the 4 of us did not manage to finish up the whole paella).

By the time Eil & I left for the Apollo Victoria theatre, it was almost 7.20pm (our show starts at 7.30pm). We arrived at Apollo Victoria at quarter to 8. We got very good seats - at the stalls, only about 13 rows from the stage!
Price of ticket : £35/each
Souvenir book : nil
Sounvenir : nil

It was an enjoyable evening and hubs came to pick us up after the show. I was really tired after that when we reached home and retire for bed early.

The really "wicked" thing today was I somehow managed to lose my housekeys. I blame it on the pregnancy hormones! It must've slipped off my jacket (presuming I put my keys there, I really have no recollection) during the day.


mom2ashley said...

hmmm nice.....i went to oxford years ago...

Carrot said...

hi tsu lin,
i've heard quite a bit about wicked. i gather it was a good show? i miss london's theatres!

Tsu Lin + + said...

Mom2Ashley : I much prefer Cambridge than Oxford though - due to it's (Cambridge's) quaintness. But an out of London outing is definitely good for me!

Carrot : The Wicked was good. Although our first choice was Phantom (tickets sold out by late morning!).. :P

Carrot said...

oooh you MUST watch phantom! have fun!


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