Monday, 2 April 2007

More on digital scrapbooking..

Dinah posted an FAQ on digital scrapbooking on Saturday (and it coincides with me turning 29, eh?). Haha!

Anyway, apart from the websites recommended by Dinah, I've found one which offers pretty lovely kits as well. Like Dinah, I use Adobe Photoshop to assemble my scrapbook (there are other softwares available but since I use abit of PS, I didn't bother learning the other softwares).

Scrapbook freebies:
Shabby Princess

Praveen has found a cool link - digital scrapbooking online! Without needing to learn PS! Go

Of course, if you have stumbled upon other sites, do feel free to drop me a note :)

1 comment:

mom2ashley said...

oh yea..shabby princess have nice freebies...some of online shops offers freebies too


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