Thursday, 19 April 2007

Got tagged!

By SooYin.

--- I don't usually like to do tags, but since SooYin is a good friend of mine, I'd oblige to do this. And (being such a procrastinator) it took me about a week to complete a tag. PHEW! (I started this on 12 April and never got around to finish it.) --

Part 1: on the outside
name : Tsu Lin
date of birth : End March
current status : Married!
eye color : Dark brown
hair color : Black with some tinge of brown (all natural, no dye).
right of left handed : Right
zodiac : Aries

Part 2: on the inside
my heritage : Hainanese Malaysian-lah.
my fear : Needles and blood (in tht combination), esp withdrawal of blood.
my weakness : Hubs. And bling-blings!
my perfect pizza : If i must - thin crusted ones with lots of Proschiutto!

Part 3: yesterday, today & tomorrow
your first thought waking up : *&@#& Where's the loo?
tomorrow : FRIDAY - Yayy.
your bedtime : Whenever I feel like sleeping :P
most missed memory :

Part 4: your pick
pepsi or coke : Neither and either. I don't drink much soft drinks, and not very
brand loyal when it comes to Pepsi/Coke.
mcD or burger king : Neither - don't like fast food :P
single or group dates : Huh?
adidas or nike : Mostly Nike. Don't own much Adidas, if i recall correctly.
lipton tea or nestea : Lipton
chocolate or vanila : BOTH! Vanilla for ice cream.
cappuccino or coffee : Don’t drink either.

Part 5: do you..
smoke : Nah-uh.
curse : Umm? WHO, me? (Of course..)

Part 6: in the past month
drank alcohol : Nope.
gone to the mall? : Yes!!
been on stage : Not in the past month.
eaten sushi : Yes.

Part 7: what were you doing
1 minute ago : rubbing my aching back.
1 hour ago : Had lunch.
4 1/2 hours ago : Surfing..
1 month ago : Just arrived in London, jet-lagged.
1 year ago : Happily starting work... planning my wedding!

Part 8: finish the sentence
i love : my life. Even with its ups & downs..
i feel : like bursting. Can't wait till she comes out in June!
i hate : needles and blood.
i hide : my chocs .. until after the delivery. :(
i miss : working (believe it or not).
i need : to maintain my Glucose level below 7.0 :(


Praveen said...

Wow, you haven't had alcohol the past month? Junior better know the sacrifices you've had to put up with!

This means you now have to tag someone else, right? btw, why not hyperlink SooYin? Tags are nicer when you can backtrack to its origin =)

Tsu Lin said...

Hyperlink : Done!

Hey, aren't you supposed to be off alco as well?

I'll tag YOU! Go ahead, do the tag :P

Praveen said...

I was back on alcohol a while back. It's a very important element in my social network =)

Tag me? OMG, my first tag ever! Looking forward.


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