Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Fuss-free blogging...

So, ok.. We know blogs are like diaries - except it's online and you're subjected to the prying eyes of millions of readers (unless you have a security code to protect your entries).

And now, some ingenius bunch of tech people came up with a fuss-free blogging. Lo and behold - here comes Tumblr! Tumblr is a platform for tumblelogging. (Click on it for the wikipedia link)

According to one featured tumblelogger - Mini ZuD
"A Tumblelog, what is that? Well... say you took a Blog and left it in the dryer too long. That's what you have here."

First discovered it through Jaded Lotus, as she semi-abandoned her blog to tumblelog instead!

I notice the trend these days of eliminating the "e"s out of a word, ie FLICKR, TUMBLR.. what else?

Tumblelog also reminds me of one of my fav games - Tumblebug! . Haha!


Praveen said...

Are you tumbleblogging yet? =)

Nice to see that you're becoming a geek by the day.

PRAVN - how does that sound with the "e"s? Or we could follow the Motorola style guide and eliminate selected vowels instead: PRVEEN / PRVN


Teoh said...

Hey...this sounds interesting! Going to go check it out when I get home from work! -sooyin-


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