Friday, 13 April 2007

Friday the 13th

I'm not such a superstitious person, especially when it comes to the number 13. I got reminded that today is such a day by chip-pea, as I was lamenting to her about my day so far ...

Woke up late this morning, and as usual, went to the loo to brush my teeth. The tap greeted me with a few chokes of "gluck" and no water gushing out. Hmmm... this is strange. I opened the other tap. Same thing. Looked at myself in the mirror and uttered "This is not happening". Went to check on the taps in the other loo and in the kitchen. What'dya know? NO WATER! There must be a water cut. I grumpily picked up the phone and dialled hub's number to complain. He says he didn't receive any notification from the management company regarding this water cut. So, he sms-ed me their number and I called them. The man on the line confirmed that there was a cut - "Emergency" situation which they didn't plan as they had to do some repair works to another block. I try not to get too pissed off. He assures me that the water cut should not last for more than 2 hours... FINE. Come 1pm, if i still find no water, i'm going to get really upset!

And because of this strange habit of mine, I cannot eat anything without brushing my teeth. So, i shall be hungry till water supply gets restored.

Switched on the lappy and again try to connect wirelessly. It doesn't work AGAIN. Today, i have to call up Netgear and make sure they repair it since it's still under warranty. We bought it just under 2 years ago. I had to hardwire the lappy to the router. It's been my daily routine for the past week. It is getting abit sien.

True to what he says, at 1pm, i hear water gurgling in the pipework. I walked over to the kitchen to check! Hooray! Water supply is restored. The 1st thing i did was to wash the bowls and plates left in the sink. And I'm not even sure if i brushed my teeth as i'm typing this. I had no choice but to eat earlier (before the water came back) as I was really getting famished! (And i shouldn't starve my baby)

So, how did YOUR Friday the 13th go?


Praveen said...

Oh, dear you! It's a good thing we're past the 13th now. Had a little post about the 13th floor; never realised it was Friday the 13th until a few hours after that.

Tsu Lin + + said...

And I thought you did it (write the post about 13th Floor) "in conjunction" with the date!! Haha.


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