Saturday, 7 April 2007

Easter Weekend

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It's a long weekend.. which is great as I get to spend more time with the hubs. As easter falls on Sunday, and no shops will be opened on Easter Sunday, we would probably just relax tomorrow. (Hubs will be cleaning and tidying up the apartment... while I.. I'll just sit down and relax.)

Today, we did a day trip to Cambridge. The weather was lovely - sunny and mild with temperature of about 16degrees celsius. Quite a perfect spring day! We started the journey out of London only at 11am (as I woke up late and took about an hour getting ready). We reached Cambridge at lunch time and since I've done my research way beforehand, we even know where to park (i even found out carpark rates, which is very handy) and it only takes 10mins to walk to the city centre, walking through a huge field filled with people and activities.

We decided to walk around the city centre, heading towards the market square. We soon found ourselves attracted to some off-season designer sale :) Then, rumbling tummies dictated the next agenda - lunch! We both went around to search for authentic pub food and found one not too long later. M ordered their fresh fish and I opted for vongole. The lesson of the day? Should always order pub food in a pub! My vongole was a disappointment but hub's fish lived up to its name (FRESH!).

Since both of us have been to Cambridge, we decided that we'd want a relaxing trip. So, keeping to my pace (which is resting/sitting every half hour and walking at the speed of a turtle!)... we found ourselves on one of the bridges across Cam River. The scenery was picture perfect! Too bad hubs won't allow me to go on a punting cruise.. I really wanted to do that since I missed out on that during my trip here as a student. :(

Meanwhile, back in London, the annual Oxford-Cambridge boat race competition ended with Cambridge claiming victory!

Anyhoo.. we took some pictures around the river and walked back to the city centre where we hitched a ride on their free city-circle bus. Alas, we alight at the stop nearest to the carpark and made our way back - across the fields where nerds chill out ... and that, concluded our day in Cambridge.


mom2ashley said...

sounds like a nice easter weekend...:)

Tsu Lin said...

Yes it was! I see you brought Ashley to watch Nemo On Ice. :)


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