Thursday, 3 May 2007

3rd Trimester

All the classic signs of being in the third trimester I've experienced/ am experiencing.
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1. Mild oedema on both my legs. Sometimes it goes away after I had exercised (walking), sometimes it doesn't. The midwife reassured this is normal.

2. Baby has a funny way of marking her territory - if I attempt to sleep on my right, she'll give me a good kick! And if I still do not budge, she'll kick somemore until I turn to sleep on my left.

3. Backache is intensified by the weight of the growing baby. (I already have bad back before being pregnant, now it gets worse)

4. Groin pain - yes! One of the "joys" of pregnancy - I've been having this since week 24. The pain is usually felt more when I get out of bed or when I get up from sitting down.

5. Waddling - walking like a penguin is a classic sign of a pregnant woman, of course my waddle is more obvious due to my backache. -_-"

6. Gestational diabetes (GD - diabetes induced by pregnancy) : The most horror of all. NHS (National Health Service) requires those with GD to monitor our blood glucose level (within 4.0 - 7.0). To do this, I was given a glucose monitoring test kit - consisting of the GM Meter, test strips, lancelets lancets (ie NEEDLES!) and the lancelet lancet launcher (ie the thing tht pricks your finger). So far, I am on diet control. I've also been referred to the dietitian for this purpose (to tell me what I should include in my diet, and what to omit). SURPRISINGLY, chocolates (plain milky ones) and ice cream (all provided they do not have bits in it - caramel/chunks of sweet-coated stuff) are not bad for a diebetec! I've also switched to eating Basmati rice.

But pregnancy does have its "perks". People sometimes do give up their seats in the bus for me; At a retailer's check out counter, I get prompt service (at their counter for people with disability or pregnant ladies). :)

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