Monday, 30 April 2007

The Wicked

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Radcliffe Camera taken from the cafe of St Mary the Virgin Church, Oxford

The past weekend has been hectic! My friend Eil is on holiday in London and is staying over at our place for a week. On Sunday, hubs and I brought her to Oxford for some sightseeing. The picture above was taken while hubs & I were chilling out at the cafe while waiting for Eil to do her climb up 150-odd stairs of the church - for a breathtaking vantage point of Oxford.

Today, I have told her I wouldn't be able to entertain her much as I have my antenatal appointment at the hospital.. but somehow, through our conversations, we decided that perhaps we might want to catch up after my appointment in the afternoon for a musical in the evening. We played it by ear but still did some research on what shows to watch - Chicago and The Wicked were our shortlisted titles and her task of the day was to go get our tickets. After having lunch with her friends, she proceeded to get the tickets.. we decided on "The Wicked" after much contemplation.

Stage of "The Wicked" (during interval), Apollo Victoria Theatre

I met her and her friend for some tea in a cafe in Shaftesbury Ave, where I had my lunch at 4pm - sandwich and peppermint tea! Then, Karen (another friend of Eil's) came over after work and we headed for dinner at a nearby SPanish restaurant. I still managed to eat a healthy portion (read : good size) of tapas and paella (altho the 4 of us did not manage to finish up the whole paella).

By the time Eil & I left for the Apollo Victoria theatre, it was almost 7.20pm (our show starts at 7.30pm). We arrived at Apollo Victoria at quarter to 8. We got very good seats - at the stalls, only about 13 rows from the stage!
Price of ticket : £35/each
Souvenir book : nil
Sounvenir : nil

It was an enjoyable evening and hubs came to pick us up after the show. I was really tired after that when we reached home and retire for bed early.

The really "wicked" thing today was I somehow managed to lose my housekeys. I blame it on the pregnancy hormones! It must've slipped off my jacket (presuming I put my keys there, I really have no recollection) during the day.

Thursday, 19 April 2007

s u n b a b i e s ....

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is now!

So, what kind of gift do you get from a (cool) geek on your birthday? For me, I got this supercool namesake domain name..

Thanks Praveen, for the unexpected, but very meaningful belated birthday gift! (Can't help feeling that this is also somehow related to his post about using your real name as your blog title) :P

Praveen blogged about here.

As you may or may not have noticed, when you clicked onto, you get transported into my very own, very first domain-!

More personalisation to follow... when I figure out how to configure and set-up this whole domain thing.

Stay tuned!

Got tagged!

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By SooYin.

--- I don't usually like to do tags, but since SooYin is a good friend of mine, I'd oblige to do this. And (being such a procrastinator) it took me about a week to complete a tag. PHEW! (I started this on 12 April and never got around to finish it.) --

Part 1: on the outside
name : Tsu Lin
date of birth : End March
current status : Married!
eye color : Dark brown
hair color : Black with some tinge of brown (all natural, no dye).
right of left handed : Right
zodiac : Aries

Part 2: on the inside
my heritage : Hainanese Malaysian-lah.
my fear : Needles and blood (in tht combination), esp withdrawal of blood.
my weakness : Hubs. And bling-blings!
my perfect pizza : If i must - thin crusted ones with lots of Proschiutto!

Part 3: yesterday, today & tomorrow
your first thought waking up : *&@#& Where's the loo?
tomorrow : FRIDAY - Yayy.
your bedtime : Whenever I feel like sleeping :P
most missed memory :

Part 4: your pick
pepsi or coke : Neither and either. I don't drink much soft drinks, and not very
brand loyal when it comes to Pepsi/Coke.
mcD or burger king : Neither - don't like fast food :P
single or group dates : Huh?
adidas or nike : Mostly Nike. Don't own much Adidas, if i recall correctly.
lipton tea or nestea : Lipton
chocolate or vanila : BOTH! Vanilla for ice cream.
cappuccino or coffee : Don’t drink either.

Part 5: do you..
smoke : Nah-uh.
curse : Umm? WHO, me? (Of course..)

Part 6: in the past month
drank alcohol : Nope.
gone to the mall? : Yes!!
been on stage : Not in the past month.
eaten sushi : Yes.

Part 7: what were you doing
1 minute ago : rubbing my aching back.
1 hour ago : Had lunch.
4 1/2 hours ago : Surfing..
1 month ago : Just arrived in London, jet-lagged.
1 year ago : Happily starting work... planning my wedding!

Part 8: finish the sentence
i love : my life. Even with its ups & downs..
i feel : like bursting. Can't wait till she comes out in June!
i hate : needles and blood.
i hide : my chocs .. until after the delivery. :(
i miss : working (believe it or not).
i need : to maintain my Glucose level below 7.0 :(

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Fuss-free blogging...

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So, ok.. We know blogs are like diaries - except it's online and you're subjected to the prying eyes of millions of readers (unless you have a security code to protect your entries).

And now, some ingenius bunch of tech people came up with a fuss-free blogging. Lo and behold - here comes Tumblr! Tumblr is a platform for tumblelogging. (Click on it for the wikipedia link)

According to one featured tumblelogger - Mini ZuD
"A Tumblelog, what is that? Well... say you took a Blog and left it in the dryer too long. That's what you have here."

First discovered it through Jaded Lotus, as she semi-abandoned her blog to tumblelog instead!

I notice the trend these days of eliminating the "e"s out of a word, ie FLICKR, TUMBLR.. what else?

Tumblelog also reminds me of one of my fav games - Tumblebug! . Haha!

Friday, 13 April 2007

Friday the 13th

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I'm not such a superstitious person, especially when it comes to the number 13. I got reminded that today is such a day by chip-pea, as I was lamenting to her about my day so far ...

Woke up late this morning, and as usual, went to the loo to brush my teeth. The tap greeted me with a few chokes of "gluck" and no water gushing out. Hmmm... this is strange. I opened the other tap. Same thing. Looked at myself in the mirror and uttered "This is not happening". Went to check on the taps in the other loo and in the kitchen. What'dya know? NO WATER! There must be a water cut. I grumpily picked up the phone and dialled hub's number to complain. He says he didn't receive any notification from the management company regarding this water cut. So, he sms-ed me their number and I called them. The man on the line confirmed that there was a cut - "Emergency" situation which they didn't plan as they had to do some repair works to another block. I try not to get too pissed off. He assures me that the water cut should not last for more than 2 hours... FINE. Come 1pm, if i still find no water, i'm going to get really upset!

And because of this strange habit of mine, I cannot eat anything without brushing my teeth. So, i shall be hungry till water supply gets restored.

Switched on the lappy and again try to connect wirelessly. It doesn't work AGAIN. Today, i have to call up Netgear and make sure they repair it since it's still under warranty. We bought it just under 2 years ago. I had to hardwire the lappy to the router. It's been my daily routine for the past week. It is getting abit sien.

True to what he says, at 1pm, i hear water gurgling in the pipework. I walked over to the kitchen to check! Hooray! Water supply is restored. The 1st thing i did was to wash the bowls and plates left in the sink. And I'm not even sure if i brushed my teeth as i'm typing this. I had no choice but to eat earlier (before the water came back) as I was really getting famished! (And i shouldn't starve my baby)

So, how did YOUR Friday the 13th go?

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Who glows?

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CGLow has got a blog now (or rather, he now bothered to update it). It's a mix of techy stuff and most importantly, updates on his impending BIG DAY - In October.

I've added it on my sidebar.

Saturday, 7 April 2007

Easter Weekend

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Originally uploaded by Tsu Lin.
It's a long weekend.. which is great as I get to spend more time with the hubs. As easter falls on Sunday, and no shops will be opened on Easter Sunday, we would probably just relax tomorrow. (Hubs will be cleaning and tidying up the apartment... while I.. I'll just sit down and relax.)

Today, we did a day trip to Cambridge. The weather was lovely - sunny and mild with temperature of about 16degrees celsius. Quite a perfect spring day! We started the journey out of London only at 11am (as I woke up late and took about an hour getting ready). We reached Cambridge at lunch time and since I've done my research way beforehand, we even know where to park (i even found out carpark rates, which is very handy) and it only takes 10mins to walk to the city centre, walking through a huge field filled with people and activities.

We decided to walk around the city centre, heading towards the market square. We soon found ourselves attracted to some off-season designer sale :) Then, rumbling tummies dictated the next agenda - lunch! We both went around to search for authentic pub food and found one not too long later. M ordered their fresh fish and I opted for vongole. The lesson of the day? Should always order pub food in a pub! My vongole was a disappointment but hub's fish lived up to its name (FRESH!).

Since both of us have been to Cambridge, we decided that we'd want a relaxing trip. So, keeping to my pace (which is resting/sitting every half hour and walking at the speed of a turtle!)... we found ourselves on one of the bridges across Cam River. The scenery was picture perfect! Too bad hubs won't allow me to go on a punting cruise.. I really wanted to do that since I missed out on that during my trip here as a student. :(

Meanwhile, back in London, the annual Oxford-Cambridge boat race competition ended with Cambridge claiming victory!

Anyhoo.. we took some pictures around the river and walked back to the city centre where we hitched a ride on their free city-circle bus. Alas, we alight at the stop nearest to the carpark and made our way back - across the fields where nerds chill out ... and that, concluded our day in Cambridge.

Monday, 2 April 2007

More on digital scrapbooking..

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Dinah posted an FAQ on digital scrapbooking on Saturday (and it coincides with me turning 29, eh?). Haha!

Anyway, apart from the websites recommended by Dinah, I've found one which offers pretty lovely kits as well. Like Dinah, I use Adobe Photoshop to assemble my scrapbook (there are other softwares available but since I use abit of PS, I didn't bother learning the other softwares).

Scrapbook freebies:
Shabby Princess

Praveen has found a cool link - digital scrapbooking online! Without needing to learn PS! Go

Of course, if you have stumbled upon other sites, do feel free to drop me a note :)

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