Monday, 5 March 2007


is also ironically MAS's shopping magazine.

"Sweet in Pink"

Anyway, the day before I were to leave to London, Soo Yin invited us over to her place for a small gathering. The usual suspects were thr : WS & M, me, ES & Jac. It's there that I was introduced to the device that is DS Lite. They all had one each : WS & ES with their black or dark blue ones, SY with her very delicious PINK one! Apparently CKP has a white one. I'm so tempted to get the light blue one so we all in the group have all the colours. We networked up the 3 DS's and played a few rounds of that-game-which-name-I-forgot.
Should I, should I not
? The hubby reckons not... but yesterday he showed me the cool Bose headphones (noise cancellation) (I think it's this model) tht he probably acquired during his trips to the US! He refused to tell me how much.. Anyway, the DS Lite sells for £99 at Amazon (with free delivery). Definitely worth thinking about - I want the game we played tht Saturday. (There's a guy on the same flight as me who brought out his white DS Lite.) Truly a good companion on flights.

Anyway, thanks SY & E for being the lovely host and for the lovely tea! The Suanson's Orange Chiffon Cake was absolutely lovely. If not for the diabetes, I would've finished the whole cake. (Must_have_self_control! Arrgh)

London : the flight went smoothly and i didn't get to sleep much in their almost-flatbed bed. I probably slept for 2 hours. I did manage to watch some shows though - Happy Feet (fell asleep halfway, oops!), Stranger Than Fiction (didn't finish watching it despite Praveen's rave review) and Deja Vu. I quite enjoy Deja Vu - The concept of time travel in the show isn't very convincing nor belieavable to me BUT despite tht, (and let's assume tht I bought into the concept).. the movie's storyline and acting are very enjoyable. I also watched a little of "The Banquet" at the last 20mins of flight. I found myself fast-forwarding every now & then. Don't think I'll quite like it.

Arriving at Heathrow, the assistance i requested promptly brought me from plane - immigration - baggage collection in less than 20mins. :) Hubs waited at the arrival hall and spotted me straight away! We were however, caught in the traffic and took 1.5 hours to reach Docklands. We had dinner before coming home. Love the car we bought! Yayy.. no more buses and DLRs and Underground for me. :P

Baby : The little one kicked me halfway through the night. I think she was awaken by her daddy's snoring. Haha. And I felt her kicking at 10kicks/min last night. "Daddy, stop snoring!", she must be signalling. But she must've taken a liking to her dad as when he puts his hands on the tummy, she displayed her football skills to him. :)

More temptations : The hubs opened the fridge yesterday and showed me the 2 tubs of Haagen Dazs he bought (one for me)! ARGH. (Must_have_self_control! Arrgh)


Praveen said...

Glad you're now in London and having a good time. That tub of ice cream isn't evil -- live your life a little! LOL.

Tsu Lin + + said...

Hehe, no ice cream for me till I deliver. I've got Gestational Diabetes (diabetes induced by pregnancy) so I need to refrain from taking sugary and food high in carbo.

Daphne said...

got to be careful with gestational diabetes.. sometimes diabetes stay even after pregnancy.
shame on ice cream... i would love some!

*sooyin* said...

glad to hear it was a smooth flight! thanks for dropping by on saturday...i was happy that i managed to see you before you left for london...=) more chiffon cake when you come back to visit!

...and i say YES! get the DS! and i think the game is called meteos...=P


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