Monday, 26 March 2007


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Was made internetless for the last 4 days. Life was indeed tough without access to the internet.

Initially, I suspected our internet provider was at fault. Called their number numerous times, and no one picked up the phone, their message on their helpline says "Pls remember that all queries can be handled by our technical assistants on our website." I sniggered at the statement.

Had lunch with friends yesterday and chatted with a fren, SK on this, he tries to troubleshoot my problem :
1. Modem/Router problem? (I insisted my router's doing fine)
2. Laptop problem? (I insist my sturdy laptop is reliable!)
3. Service provider? (Definitely)

We/he kinda concluded that most likely it's my router having issues as i wasn't able to initiate communication with it wirelessly (most likely wireless component is fried). Coming home, I tried hardwiring my laptop with the router and voila! It works. So, yeah, definitely the wireless component of the router. :(

But I still can't go on Twitter. Is Twitter's host having problems again? Seems like my KL friends are constantly updating their lives on Twitter. Hmmmm...

Ok, am just glad I can post this now. :)

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