Monday, 12 March 2007

1st weekend in London

Met up with the SIL, Alicia for yumcha on Saturday. For reasons i still do not comprehend, these Aussies (hubs included in this case) like to call their dim sums "yumcha". To us M'sians, as the phrase suggests, "yumcha" should only mean "Drink Tea/beverages", and it should not matter if it's teatime, brunch, breakfast, or supper. :P Anyway on Sat, we popped over to our favourite nearbyrestaurant. Dim Sum was good, we wanted to order the suckling pig but today, they ran out of it.

The SIL brought a little gift for the baby - a Baby Journal. Very sweet! Now.. if only I can bring myself to scribble on its pristine pages.

My Baby's Journal

The rest of the day was spent around this area... and even a visit to the local chinese grocery place where we stocked up on essentials.

A busy day. We started the day early as we wanted to go to the Baby Show at ExCeL London before lunchtime. Had our brunch and was out by 11am. We quickly found a parking after paying £6 for 2 hours of parking and made our way in.

A truly good show with floors covering 2 football fields? The place was huge but luckily isn't packed to the brim, which makes browsing, product testing and walking more enjoyable. We first walked around the place looking at products we are interested and comparing prices. After deciding the model we want, we proceeded to buy them. Here, we managed to get all the baby essentials :

1. Maclaren Techno XLR Travel System - Stroller, car seat, foot muffs, rain cover.
2. Avent Breastfeeding solutions.
3. Tommy Tippee nappy wrapper - The sales pitch : "At the end of it, u just twist this thing, lift it up and throw this sausage looking thingy away!". Haha, nappy wrapped sausages, indeed!
4. Bath tub
5. Nursing pillow

Of course, there are samples galore. During halftime, we went out to grab something to eat & drink and made our way back in.

I'm now recuperating from the 2 days adventure. :P Can't wait for next weekend.


Praveen said...

A "Maclaren Techno XLR Travel System"? Wow! That's truly sophisticated. Back in my days, we just called it a "stroller". LOL. Nice account of your weekend!

Tsu Lin + + said...

Yes, all these "canggih" sounding name is just so you'd part with more of your money for the comfort, safety and style of your little bundle of joy!

*sooyin* said...

First time I heard some friends (the guys whose wife was pregnant) mention about the Maclaren Techno blablabla thingy...(sorryla...quite a mouthful!), I thought...omg, Maclaren produces baby strollers? =) Well, it's a good way to get the husbands more involved in the pregnancy...haha...=P

Tsu Lin + + said...

SooYin : Of course, McLaren racing has nothing to do with MacLaren, the premier British parenting lifestyle company :P (Although, the MacLaren carseat tht we bought uses the Recaro carseat technology)

However, Ferrari did come up with their range of baby carseats (Yes, it's red!).

*sooyin* said...'s two different companies? I didn't even notice the spelling...*blush*

Lilian said...
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Lilian said...

Omigosh! I bought the exact same baby journal for 2 friends in London who gave birth 3 days apart, their babies turned 1 last month! I love that journal, it's just gorgeous.

Okay, now I know for sure you're Malaysian! Who else would use "canggih" haha. I'm gonna pepper my comments in your blog with Malay words now, haven't had chance to use them much!

Sigh...I think I'm sorely out of touch though...


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