Friday, 2 February 2007

Rollerblading and skateboarding chicks @ Marmalade!

Drawings on the wall @ Marmalade, BV2

I'm now at my halfway mark - completed 20 weeks of pregnancy (another 20 to go!). I can't wait till the little baby comes out! I expect alot of hardwork and sleepless nights, but they (friends who are parents) say it's all worth it. :)

The 3 musketeers had lunch again today. We decided to check out the new place - Bangsar Village 2 (BV2). And decided on eating in Marmalade but turned out the food was bland, tasteless and not worth a second visit. :P
Today, the boys talked techy, I had NO input what-so-ever into the conversations, sorry Prav! I've warned you about the blank look if you want to "pick my brains" on technology.

This has been a good week :
> New developments at work, unfortunately I am turning it down.
> 4-day work week!
> Weather's lovely - breezy with low sunshine. Hope it lasts till after CNY!
> Met the other musketeers for lunch - Always a highlight!


Praveen said...

Oi, the original photo had you in it! And we didn't talk techy -- simply exploring solutions to save the world!

Congratulations on reaching the 20-week mark ;)

Tsu Lin said...


I'm not sure abt the solutions to save the world part, though. Maybe you can prove me wrong.

How come i can't seem to load your blog?


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