Sunday, 14 January 2007

So yummy....

.. you wanna lick it!

A diaper bag that's available at sparkability. Too bad they deliver only in the US. Love the berry colour too! But doubt the sling will be comfy for all tht weight - baby bottles, diapers, extra clothes, etc!

Another "nice to have" but isn't this too pweety??!
My frog prince


*sooyin* said...

Omg...congrats, Tsu Lin! I didn't know till I read your blog just now! *hugs* So happy for you...=))


meidsness said...

Actually, Sparkability will ship anywhere in the world.

Daphne said...

sling?? good for hanging over pram! errr... maybe get something M might be OK to carry. Samsonite stocks cute baby bags too.

Tsu Lin + + said...

Thanks Soo Yin! I didn't have time to catch up with you, if not you'd have known, surely.

meidsness : Thanks. But the delivery fee will add on to the total cost - which is pretty hefty.

Daphne : I have yet to check out Samsonite's range. (I feel like I still have so much time!) Will do it soon. Which one do you have?

Daphne said...

Tsu Lin, I didn't have to buy one. Alicia bought me a simple black one from Esprit. Time goes by quickly when you're pregnant and a little one! The samsonite range is called Sammies.


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