Monday, 29 January 2007

Polka Dots!

The bump has been growing steadily, so steady I was always under the impression that I’m not “growing”/ putting on weight much. It isn’t self-denial, I just didn’t realise it… Until…I went shopping tht day for a dress to wear for a company function on Fri night. N and I went shopping for evening wear. I found a couple of suitable ones and when I went to change, I noticed tht my bump showed in one of the dress. And it has nicely enhanced the bump too! Of course I ended up buying tht red dress! (it doubles up as CNY dress too…)

Work has been keeping me occupied these days, I suspect I’ll be swamped till my last day – which is just before CNY. Things are moving so fast – and Feb is a short mth. I have not been staying late most days (as opposed to how I do previously), which is good. From CNY till the day I’m leaving to Lon, I’ve got merely 3 weeks to sort things out. I can’t wait though…

And I did some calculations that day - (although I love CNY) the ang pow business is really hefty. Pooh!

Polka dots are back!

Look wht I got! Very retro and funky, me thinks.. Got this last saturday at 1U at a shopping spree with N.

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