Monday, 29 January 2007

Polka Dots!

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The bump has been growing steadily, so steady I was always under the impression that I’m not “growing”/ putting on weight much. It isn’t self-denial, I just didn’t realise it… Until…I went shopping tht day for a dress to wear for a company function on Fri night. N and I went shopping for evening wear. I found a couple of suitable ones and when I went to change, I noticed tht my bump showed in one of the dress. And it has nicely enhanced the bump too! Of course I ended up buying tht red dress! (it doubles up as CNY dress too…)

Work has been keeping me occupied these days, I suspect I’ll be swamped till my last day – which is just before CNY. Things are moving so fast – and Feb is a short mth. I have not been staying late most days (as opposed to how I do previously), which is good. From CNY till the day I’m leaving to Lon, I’ve got merely 3 weeks to sort things out. I can’t wait though…

And I did some calculations that day - (although I love CNY) the ang pow business is really hefty. Pooh!

Polka dots are back!

Look wht I got! Very retro and funky, me thinks.. Got this last saturday at 1U at a shopping spree with N.

Friday, 19 January 2007

Delicious Friday!

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Afternoon shadows on the wall - the boys noticed it and were fascinated!

Today's a holiday for the company since tomorrow is an official national public holiday, so I have a day off! Started off the morning by going to the club for a swim with dad. It's been 2 weeks since i last exercise - really hate stopping my exercise "regime". Haha, more so now that I need to be physically fit - esp in the delivery room!! I only managed to swim for half an hour but i was diligently doing my laps most of the time.

Then had lunch with CG & Prav at Delicious Bangsar V. Prav is deliberating an idea for his new biz model since he left his old venture (And might I add, the very hip ex-CTO & co-founder of Lifelogger. Go read his blog here). He's now thinking of venturing into something else... Sounds like a plausible idea, i thought. Wish him luck in his next endeavor!

After lunch, I popped over to KLCC to meet Eil - she's visiting my fav hairdresser. She's trying out perming her hair for a change and I told her she should visit Jep, my trusty ol' hair stylist! He's fantastic. She seems to like wht he dd for her hair and we went shopping for awhile. Isetan is having sales AGAIN - barely 2 weeks after finishing their last SALE. How I miss this place - the hustle & bustle of Suria and the temptations of its shops.
Oooh.. i also bought some mangoes from Isetan as they were absolutely delicious - i bought them once 2 weeks ago.

Then I had to run some errands at a building not far away.. but it rained when i wanted to start my walk over. Eil was kind enough to drive me there and waited for me. Lucky us, it took only 5 mins to collect my stuff frm there and we endured the hour-long ride home. Road was jam-packed as usual, with the office crowd.

:-) It's been a fruitful day for me! Love holidays!

Word of the day : DELICIOUS!

Sunday, 14 January 2007

So yummy....

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.. you wanna lick it!

A diaper bag that's available at sparkability. Too bad they deliver only in the US. Love the berry colour too! But doubt the sling will be comfy for all tht weight - baby bottles, diapers, extra clothes, etc!

Another "nice to have" but isn't this too pweety??!
My frog prince

Slow Sunday...

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Today is a slow sunday for me. Woke up to send dad out to the LRT and then came back to have breakfast. At 11am, I headed out for a much needed haircut. I've been struggling and contemplating on where to go for a trim - nothing fanciful as I need to leave the hair long-ish during confinement as I heard short hair causes irritation esp with the chinese custom of not having to wash one's hair for 10-14 days (?). My gd friend Eil advised to have a length long enough to tie up to last for the week or two. Good advice, me thinks!

I decided to go to a nearby hair salon in Atria. I've never stepped in thr since secondary school but tht place is still open - i guess it isn't bad, huh? I went in and told the lady abt my trim.
She looked at my hair and said "you have oily hair". -_-
"No, It's because I haven't washed it for 2 days" (I lied, it was 3 but no point causing panic among the staff, huh?)
45mins later, I came out with a fresh newly cropped hair and I must say I'm pretty happy with the RM49 spent! I have been going to haircuts tht costs more than 10 times more previously (I permed my hair..) so this is actually quite good.

I then went over to look at some clothes in a boutique and found a lovely empire-cut top (for normal ladies). But since it's empire-cut-ish... it suited me well for my new-body! And looks classy as well. I've been having headache on wht to wear these days - Especially to work. I've been wearing too unfashionable clothes to work these days. N has been calling me "MOMMY" (much to my amusement)... cos of the "aunty clothes" i've been wearing. I can't help it. I can't be buying Maternity clothes as they usually are quite big and I've not been putting on much weight.. or they are downright auntie.. or 3rdly, the nice ones i felt were abit on the pricey side. No, i am not spending obscene amt for clothes i'm only wearing for another 5 mths or so.

Then after that, I went over to Planete Enfants to get my hands on 3 Baby Einstein vcds. I know it's early but since i'm around the area and they were having a promo - bought 3 vcds for RM48 only. Got Baby Mozart, Baby Galileo (discovering the sky) and Baby da Vinci (from head to toe).

Got home and popped Baby Mozart into the player.. and boy, that was a boring 15mins (the amt i can endure). Eil told me babies love them. I sure hope so! She said it's an interactive vcd and you should spend time with your baby pointing to him things that are going on on the VCD. I hope i can do tht! I have a feeling i might doze off halfway. But we'll see... I hope the other 2 are more interesting!

Then got home and spent time doing my 2nd most favourite thing - SURFING (the net)!

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