Saturday, 9 December 2006

December Weddings...

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Attended Jackson's wedding at Sunway Resort Hotel. Jackson's a friend from uni, and from which I knew from college. He so happens to also have the same birthdate as I, except he's a year junior.

I was contemplating on what to wear for the dinner and wondered if I could still fit into this aquamarine peacock-motive Qi Pao that I got tailor-made in China. I tried it on and surprisingly it still fits although the tummy shows. Haha.. it's ok. I can hide it with a pashmina-thingy. Slapped on some make-up, and did my hair with very minimal effort and there I am. All ready!

CG came to pick me up so i didn't need to drive. Arrived there late (True to our lovely M'sian timing - at 8.00pm) and was delighted that some of my uni/college mates were there too!

We occupied half a table and i sat next to Lina. She still looks lovely. The ballroom he occupied seats 1000+ and Jackson had 120+ tables in this ballroom - such a grand affair. It was a very enjoyable dinner - with good company and the wedding proceedings went on pretty well. No noisy karaoke singers..

The wedding favour was a box of chocs - a dark choc and a white choc. I opened my box and found my white choc missing! Hmm... but well, i shouldn't be taking so much sweets anyway. The food was altogether good and they served cute little gold-fish-like pastry at the end. Just too cute!! (Taste average though.. peanuts filling)

Dinner went on and on mainly due to the courses being served rather slowly. We left at 11.30pm!!

Another wedding next week but I'll pass on tht. And another 2 weeks after. BUSY BUSY year end!

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