Sunday, 24 December 2006

Another December wedding...

2 days pre-christmas, I attended SJ's wedding. She was my supplier and new sis-in-law of a friend (D)- She is marrying D's brother C. Their's is a very grand affair, as he comes from a very affluent family.

My cousin Simon accompanied me to this wedding. We arrived at 7pm and was greeted at the lobby by a myriad of luxury cars - the bridal car was a chilli red sports car with both their names as car number plate. Very sweet! Beside them are various Mercs and Beemers and also another rolls royce with the couple's name. According to one friend, SC who was one of the chee muis in the morning, the groom's entourage consisted of 15 rolls royce, and 15 other luxury cars.. and 5 or so police escorts. That is one of the most kua-jeong weddings i've ever heard (in KL/M'sia).

The couple is such a lovely couple, despite his stature, he and SJ are one of the nicest, most helpful, humble, sincere and genuine people around. Here's wishing them a fantastic married life ahead filled with happiness and love that is everlasting.

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