Sunday, 5 November 2006

Catching up...

Had lunch with the gang today. WS is back from the US of A and we thought of meeting up. ES couldn't make it with us this time around. WL suggested Puzzini Pizza in DU. This is a swedish-italian place. Makes sense? No? Well, they serve mostly italian dishes (and a handful of swedish dish too) but with loads of cheeze! (That's how they spell cheese in their menu)

As i'm lactose-intolerant, there is no way i can escape the food, unless I go for the spaghetti marinara. But today i didn't feel like tomato, nor do i feel like seafood. So, i chose their pizza dish. It's said to be 'covered with alot of cheeze!'. Oh wow, Blimey!

M ordered a whole lot of cheeze-infused dishes. And i just have to try them .. afterall.. I do like food! She ordered a swedish dish which name i can't pronounce. I like the potato (covered with more cheeze!). WS & WL ordered swedish dishes as well. All rather nice, i was led to believe. When LL & BY arrived half hour later, we were already eating most of our food. And we all just digged into each other's food...

I must admit i didn't totally enjoy the lunch but heck, everyone else did! I do however, like their freshly made buns. Mini in size but taste absolutely delicious. Needless to say, i came home with a very bloated stomach.. and luckily did not let out any gas during the short ride back in BY&LL's new car - their Alfa 146. :P


*sooyin* said...

Ooo...u lactose-intolerant as well? Me too me too!

Sucks, though! =(

Tsu Lin + + said...

SY : Really? I didn't know that :P

But yes, it does suck! No cheese, milk (and i happen to LIKE/want to drink milk).. Well, calcium supplements it is!


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