Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Another Tues with N...

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Last Tues N & I went out for a chill-out lunch at TSB in Bangsar.

A lunch that was after our short (but very "fruitful") shopping spree. We dashed into the store and bought a load of stuff, with mine including another pair of pearl earrings! (But its lustre was just so good)

Feeling contented (but ouch! on the wallet), we dashed across the street (more like sauntered) for our lunch. Lunch turned out to last almost 2 hours. (i said ALMOST)

Sunday, 26 November 2006

From the sandy beach...

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Blue skies, tranquil sea..

This was definitely a lazy weekend for me. A much appreciated weekend with no work, just rest & relaxation.

The dept's annual away day this year was held at Avillion, PD. This is my 2nd trip here and although this isn't much of a real resort, it was still a very good getaway mini sea-side resort.. if you're just looking for a quick getaway from the busy KL-crowd. (Only a 1.5 hours drive from PJ, quite pleasant, i might add)

We left Fri afternoon for a 3D2N getaway. We had a morning meeting in the office and after lunch of healthy "yong tow foo" with the 2Ms, BT and N.. N and I proceeded our journey halfway down south. But first off, we had to "check out" the Clark's warehouse sale held in Shah Alam. Our itinery was carefully discussed the day before, should we go, should we not? "Of course we should", chirped me! My motive was made clear to N, i simply NEEDED to get a few pairs more of comfy flatter shoes. I can't wear most of my other shoes cos they are all high-heeled. These few months i was switching between my brown bata shoes & the black Ferragamo's! Upon arriving, we scouted around for size 5s (not realising that i am actually a size UK4). Anyway, I managed to get 2 pairs of leather shoes, I didn't even bother checking the price, so elated by the fact that I managed to find my size.

Upon reaching Avillion at 4.30pm, we promptly checked in and settled down. Dinner was scheduled to be at 7pm so we thought we'd watched some DVDs first. N brought along her collection of Grey's Anatomy and House. Both our favourite series! We started watching GA. And managed to finish 3 episodes from the 1st disk. Then break for dinner. I brought her on a mini-tour around the place as this was her 1st time here.

Dinner was at the hotel as most of us (the dept colleagues) were just too lazy to venture out. It was mediocre.

After Dinner, N and I continued our DVD session with the rest of disc 1 of GA and then proceeded to House. Halfway through... as expected, I fell asleep.

Woke up at 9am and got ready for a swim at the pool. Afterall, what's the point of being in a (mini) resort but not using the facilities? N wasn't feeling well so she just sat by the pool reading her mag while i dipped into the pool for half an hour. It felt good to be swimming as I have not had much opportunity to swim for a long time!
We then headed for breakfast (at 1015) and lounged at the cafe till 11am! We headed back to the room and watched more HOUSE!!! (What else?)
Lunch was at 1.30. Our colleague 1M (and his wife), brought us for some yummy chinese food. I did control my food as i did not want to eat risk eating the wrong food. They ordered 'seong tong lala'(Lala in soup) which looks absolutely delicious! I just had chicken, vege and steam egg.

After lunch, we went for a short sight-seeing session. N and I wanted to buy kites to go fly 'em. I had story-ed N about the joys of kite-flying and she was mesmerised! So we picked out a kite for ourselves. She found a happy-fying rainbow-coloured kite while i went for an orange gold-fish kite.
We planned to fly the kites this evening. The bumble-bee reminded me of hubs - he bought the exact same "scarecrow" (in the guise of a bumble bee), intending to scare the pigeons off his balcony. They (the pigeons) were hanging out too often in his balcony :-D


Evening came and we trudged out of our rooms to the nearby beach (as seen above). Sadly there was NO WIND for our kite-flying session. So much for that! And while I was on the phone talking to Maxis' customer service personnel (i needed to activate my MMS service), i managed to make a heart-shaped sand-mark (?!)...

Thinking of my love, the hubs while lounging by the seaside watching the sunset

Noting how "sweet" I am (See, i'm not the most romantic person but i came up with this??).. N proceeded to make one for her "sayang" as well. Since she is making a bigger heart, I made up my mind to write hub's name on the beach, deciding to declare to him that I am thinking of him eventhough I'm here - by the balmy seaside (mini) resort watching the sunset... (And the hubs, in the cold winter morning, on his way to Liverpool to watch a match with the BIL).
After taking shots to prove this, we went back to change for dinner. Sands in our slippers and shorts, we walked back, dumped our kites and changed. Dinner was so so mediocre!

Woke up even later and went straight to breakfast. Then, it was time to leave. Goodbye room...

Sunday, 19 November 2006

Lazy weekend that was not to be...

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The Father-In-Law (FIL) is in town on his way from London to Mel. He went to London with the BIL for a holiday, staying at the hub's pad intermittently while they go on journeys in and around Europe. I brought him to my once "best in the world" char-siew place in Tengkak Tung Shin. Wanted to bring him there a few times prior but it's always closed. Today it was open. Lucky us. I haven't ate here for a long time, must've been more than half a year. The place is still the same - shophouse in a period property is charming, together with the grime, and heat should always whet our (M'sians) appetite! *_* Unfortunately, the char-siew this time around wasn't as good. Has the standard deteriorate or that my taste-bud had just simply changed? Well.. FIL said the char-siew tasted different. I guess it isn't as great as it used to be anymore!

After lunch, i sent FIL back to his apartment and he passed me pressies from the Hubs! Hubs got me this ...

Actually he brought it back in Sep during the wedding but we did not manage to unlock the phone as the shops here just didn't have the software yet. (It was still very new then) So he brought it back to UK to unlock. One thing i love about the phone is the camera (3.2 Mega Pixels yo!). Besides that, i really can't get used to the size - too petite for my big hands! Plus, i am just too used to my old phone with BIG SCREEN. I like not squinting to read texts, play games.. thank you very much! But besides that, it's packed with awesome features (feaures that I appreciate and need, not the Nokia-aesthetics type). I would silver, but Vodafone UK did not have that alternative colour. Bummer. Anyways.. it's time for me to get used to this demure phone. (Mind you, it's too demure for me).
I played their games till 2am... my eyes!!!!

I went for a pedi with EC in the afternoon. It was her birthday and i treated her to a pamper session at my usual pedi-mani place. She's an excellent company and we went for a drink afterwards and chatted more. I wish for more girly times like these... Actually just having a drink and catching up with good friends are my favourite pastime during the weekends. She is one I absolutely enjoy being in the company with. (Being an INTP, I noticed I get along very well with people who are like her - ESFPs)

Woke up this morning REALIZING that i direly need to finish up my Category Plans for 2007 for tomorrow's meeting. I have decided to prepare only 2 out of my 5 or more categories. The reason being is that the rest is just too small a cat to plan for.
But the body is tired and hungry.. my breakfast ended up stretching till 11am, in bteween, i even managed to nap for abit! o_O

After lunch, i decided to do some analysis in prep... and realised i have too many slides to do. Anywhoo.. i went to work and did not stop till 5.30 when hubs called. We chatted for abit before i decide that I was too hungry. We hung up and i went down to devour half the Chocolate Indulgence (cake) that I bought in the afternoon. I am going to savour the other half for tonight incase I decide that I need to burn the midnight oil on this :(

Boohoo... wht a weekend. I absolutely detest having to work on a weeked. But well.. i'll just look forward to this Fri when the dept's heading to Avillion for our weekend family away day - NO WORK INVOLVED, just relaxation!

OOPS.. look at the time! Still have another cat plan to prepare for.

Sunday, 5 November 2006

Catching up...

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Had lunch with the gang today. WS is back from the US of A and we thought of meeting up. ES couldn't make it with us this time around. WL suggested Puzzini Pizza in DU. This is a swedish-italian place. Makes sense? No? Well, they serve mostly italian dishes (and a handful of swedish dish too) but with loads of cheeze! (That's how they spell cheese in their menu)

As i'm lactose-intolerant, there is no way i can escape the food, unless I go for the spaghetti marinara. But today i didn't feel like tomato, nor do i feel like seafood. So, i chose their pizza dish. It's said to be 'covered with alot of cheeze!'. Oh wow, Blimey!

M ordered a whole lot of cheeze-infused dishes. And i just have to try them .. afterall.. I do like food! She ordered a swedish dish which name i can't pronounce. I like the potato (covered with more cheeze!). WS & WL ordered swedish dishes as well. All rather nice, i was led to believe. When LL & BY arrived half hour later, we were already eating most of our food. And we all just digged into each other's food...

I must admit i didn't totally enjoy the lunch but heck, everyone else did! I do however, like their freshly made buns. Mini in size but taste absolutely delicious. Needless to say, i came home with a very bloated stomach.. and luckily did not let out any gas during the short ride back in BY&LL's new car - their Alfa 146. :P

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