Sunday, 20 August 2006

FOUND : Happiness and Prosperity

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Owing to workload these past couple of weeks (coming to work @ 745am, not leaving till 8, 9, sometimes 10pm).. and whatever free time (weekends) that I hv are busy preparing for the big day, I've neglected to exercise. To compound this, I have been indulging in too much food! (Look out for the phat bride!)

Then last w/end, my friend S and I went to a jewellery fair where we spent 4 hours looking around and marvelling (read: salivating) at some rather awesome stuff. At the end of the day (night), my wallet became lighter... and I became cash-poorer. But the heart is happy with the stash of unique finds I managed to get. I got a ring (setting without a stone) for a steal!

Also found this (see picture above)at the last hour before going home. Cutting a long story short, I could've got it for a bargain but did not. But then again, jewellery is almost all about the quality and the value it holds to the owner.



Who says you can't buy happiness?

Friday, 18 August 2006

Starlight cinema experience

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DSC00229 (Sentul Park, taken from 2nd Flr of KLPAC)

One good thing about working in this industry is getting invites.. In just a week, we got invites for Starlight Cinema, which was held in Sentul West, and also getting invited to the launch of a tea drink, which, coincidentally, was held at KLPAC in Sentul West. (But missed our chance of a 2-min fame on tv! Haha)

N and I went for the first day of Starlight Cinema event - a by-invitation-only movie. They were showing "The Click". We jumped in joy upon getting the tix. She and I carefully planned our time so that we can leave the office by 5.30pm to brave the traffic to get from the office to my house (after dropping off another colleague, C, who hitched a ride from me that day) and then to Sentul. Traffic was miraculously smooth. We sang to the tunes of "Stars are blind", we laughed, we were having a great time.

Arriving there, N parked at the KLPAC area so that we could meet with her friend who works in KLPAC. While waiting there, we had a glimpse or two of M'sian theatre scene actors (I shall not name names).. and actresses. We then proceeded to enjoy the surrounding that is Sentul West. The new Sentul, i must add. YTL did a good job developing this area, to becoming a higher-end housing development.

We traipsed into the Japanese Garden. Walking inside, I felt i was transported into another country (Japan to be exact). Only the heat and the mosquitoes reminded me that I'm still in hot, humid KL! Walking past the rock garden, we were greeted by a pond filled with koi fish. N & I were bowled over by the enormous size and beauty of the kois! I want, i want! The soothing sight and sound made us decide to eat at the Japanese Restaurant here.
DSC00230 (The Japanese Restaurant fronting the koi pond)

That wasn't a good idea. I wish they'd put more effort into creating this place, they have all the hardware but lack the software - one suggestion : Get an authentic Jap chef to be stationed at the restaurant to make it a destination eatery. It's disgusting having to eat at a sub-std place amidst a fab locale like this. Just underdevelops the whole experience.

Anyhow, at 8pm, we had a slow walk toward Starlight Cinema. There was a constant breeze and the rain earlier made the temperature cool and nice. Since we went in late, we had to walk around looking for a good spot to lay the carpet down. We spread some newspapers on the wet grass before putting the carpet on top of it. Kicked off our shoes and the movie started shortly.

I totally enjoyed my first ever starlight cinema experience! Too bad we wasted all of the other movie tickets that were given free...

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