Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Tuesdays with N..

Today, colleague Nurah and I went to *bucks to discuss planno range review. We always choose *bucks or the location nearby since we can enjoy the free internet. Ordered our drinks and sat down to work till lunch. We were working feverishly without realising how fast time flies, as we are supposed to have lunch at Alexis with some suppliers. (We didn't intend to go too early anyway, as N said this particular supplier is quite the pain in the ..well, bottom) But well, we DID manage to get there half past 12 for lunch. After some small pleasantries, we ordered and continued chatting. I used to love Alexis in Jln Telawi for their Tiramisu (glorious tiramisu) and never really minded their food. Well, i have to say i've changed my mind - the food is getting horrible and no amount of "ambience" is gonna make me like the place more. Nurah ordered last but got her food early, the other girls (our suppliers) ordered before us but got their food last! tssk tssk..

Had a rather bland (goes for both the food and the companionship) lunch, coupled with small talk abt the business and our incentive trip (Cruise to somewhere, sometime..).. and we were off. N will be getting off scott free (she is right, they are quite an annoying bunch) as I'll be having a Biz Review with them on Fri in Malacca (which only means we nd to drive thr early and come bk late). After all tht, N and I went shopping for a b'day gift for a fren's birthday today.. which set us back more than we expected but we really liked the gift - an elegant costume ring. We sure hope Sherin will like it!!
We did find it cacat, though.. that the shop wanted to charge us for the gift box. Pfffttt! You'd thought tht we paid so much for a silver accesories that our ring would be nicely gift-wrapped! Yeah, just because it's in Bangsar doens't mean you have to charge for every single thing. Baah! Oh, but i did spot some nice chilli red earrings which is so so sexy!

After that, went bk to the office and was rushing to get e-mails done as I'm expected to be in a meeting with the whole team at 2.30pm. I got gastric halfway and went home early today :) Yayy*!

(*Yayy!! cos i got to go home early but Boohoo cos i was suffering like mad in the meeting with the gastric.. popped 2 charcoal pills but it didn't help much. I refused to take the gastric pill cos.. well, maybe cos i didn't hv any to begin with. Which makes the whole sentence kinda redundant)

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