Saturday, 8 July 2006


I've been busy today. Busy spending alot of money. Retail therapy always work!

Today i bought a dress, cheap accesories (flower brooch), some clothes for sis, a bridal magazine (RM18, looks like it's got some lovely pictures..).. and lots of eating!

Met up with a friend whom I haven't seen in ages and 'twas great to catch up with this high-flyer! And so much to catch up, we did! Spending most of our time at *bucks, amidst the background noise - They were having a fashion show at the concourse of The Curve. Too loud!!

I also bought Dunkin Donuts. Wanted to buy RM13 orth of products but the guy behind the counter told me that the RM10 voucher I had, can only be used to purchase RM10 or less worth of products, i can't buy anything more - not even if i want to top up the RM3. Ridiculous.. i tried reasoning, but on hindsight, perhaps it is better - save me my RM3!

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