Friday, 27 June 2008

Shean Wenn's Birthday Celebration : Part 3

(The grounds of Leeds Castle, in the foreground is a lake where goose and ducks and other fowls roam freely; background is Leeds Castle itself)

The celebration continues … The grandparents found out from SIL’s friend about this place to visit, so on Monday 23 June, we all drove up to Kent to Leeds Castle (the name is misleading, Leeds Castle but not in Leeds?).

We hesitated at the entrance as the entrance fee is £15/person. We went in anyway, the £15 entrance fee is valid for one year which makes it somewhat reasonable. But really, we soon found out that it was all worth it.

Upon entering, we were greeted by lush greenery which we would find out really soon, that it stretches for MILES - a garden (probably a really understatement) which is so well-kept with all kinds of plants from wild flowers, to fragrant botanicals to colourful bulbs and a great habitat to peacocks (and peahens) and other captive breeds wandering and mingling with visitors. And the castle, is also a "living castle" ( a place “where people met and things happened”) - quite extraordinary. Let the pictures speak for itself!

(Shean Wenn finally get to see what a goose and duck are, coming alive from those in her books)

Shean Wenn was really excited and happy with her first encounter with the various types of ducks, geese and swans are, pointing happily when we asks her where is the swan!

We also let her roam around the big open space where she happily walked, tripped and got back up to continue her frolic around.

The castle ground is dotted with trees, waterways, lakes, moats and bridges.

According to their website, the castle "is set on two islands on the River Len in the heart of Kent."

Inside the castle : as it is a living castle, some rooms were not open to public as it might be used for conferences or banqueting.

All strollers have to be left outside in their pushchair-shed. So SW had to be carried along in the castle, we didn't let her walk around as we just zipped through their rooms quickly, stopping by to take photos occasionally. We love the layout and size of the castle as it was not too big for us to walk around (some places are so huge, you get bored after visiting a quarter of the place). And probably the best thing is, you can take photos ANYWHERE in the castle except in the chapel. I took full liberty of doing so.

(This photo was also taken for "Doing the Karen Cheng" group)

That photo taken when we were in one of the rooms in Leeds Castle - I love the imposing mirror, the grand chandelier, and the fact that I also got the hubs, MIL and baby SW (doing her own version of "Doing the Karen Cheng" in the mirror behind me) in the same photo is too cool!

(Courtyard with a water feature)

(I love the staircase leading to the 1st floor. It's all wooden)

(I love this photo of SW and her dad - so candid!)

After the castle, we had lunch in the nearby restaurant/pub. After that we took more walks on the grounds, admiring the swans, goose, ducks and basking in the sunshine!

(Careful not to step on any bird poo, SW!)

We then took a slow walk back to the car.... I observed that there were many people who took the liberty to lay out the picnic mats and their foldable deck-chairs within the castle ground having their own picnic or just chilling out enjoying the sunshine.

(A family of ducks chillaxing)

A nice family portrait at the end of the tour of the castle. It was taken in a room full of books (Library perhaps?). Gorgeous.

A proud peacock sent us off at the exit of the grounds. What a parade of colours!

What a great way to spend a sunny summer day - If we go back, I would definitely want to check out the "Maze, Grotto and Toddler's Play Area" and the high wire forest adventure. Thanks Angela for introducing this place!

If you have visited this place, please tell me all about it! Share.

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Roslyn said...

I was doing my packing when I came across a mooncake tin. There were a few ladies printed on it. You looked very much like one of them! If you're interested to see it, I'll email the pic to you. :)


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