Friday, 9 June 2006

Miracle is...

.. having found a carpark right infront of the shop I want to go to in Bangsar. Twice in 2 days. DURING PEAK HOURS!


Now, for something less miraculous..

So, it's Friday today. Fridays we get 2 hour lunch break but good ol' me got back in 1 hour flat. Well, it gives me time to "relax", surf the internet, the sorts. Right now, my table at work is in a mess - products everywhere, papers strewn around. I will get around cleaning this mess, I hope. Gosh.. just hate looking at it but really have no choice (sounds like an excuse but it's not ;P) as I've inherited some rubbish (documentations), and I am a rubbish creator myself too.. so everything just adds up. Anywhoo.. Fridays also mean it's one day nearer to the weekend. I absolutely LOVE weekends. Weekends to do MY THINGS.

See how messy this table is!

Yeah, that's a super antique phone on the left hand corner **roll eyes**


Pixel said...

Looks like someone has excess A&W to spare? Hee hee!

Tsu Lin + + said...

A&W, Mentos... ..

I've shifted my desk again! Now I got a spare V-Soy. You want?


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