Friday, 12 May 2006

Pretty Petals

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WFB27-11 Originally uploaded by FlowerHaus Wedding Pics.

It's getting warmer in London.. spring has finally arrived and I heard the weather's fantastic.

Over in KL, I've been busy preparing the finer and more interesting part of the wedding - Choosing the bouquet! since the most important part of the wedding has been settled.

There are a few in mind and they are not these 3 shown here. :) No preview lest it spoils the fun! But my hand bouquet will most likely be in the warm hues of gold though..
**happy happy**

Wednesday, 3 May 2006


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That feeling of being in the rut.

Never thought I'd complain about work.

Now i truly truly understand what is this thing people say about "not having job satisfaction".

Feb 2007 .. please come soon and end this.. please?

28 April 2006

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A little baby was born to his proud parents!!! Congrats Ekk & Daphne!

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